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direct brief barristers

Does anyone know or know how to contact direct brief barristers for family court in Melbourne
As I understand the process one contacts the various chambers and simply asks for a barrister who is willing to work on a "direct brief".
There is still a need to interview the person. So finding out who is available might allow a more informed negotiation. Each state appears to have distinct associatons which instruct the nature of the relationship with a solicitor, or, a client.
Asking the barristers around the court has not been effective for my identifying any direct brief barristers in Sydney.
I have seen once in several years a barrister without a solicitor. Although I am reliably informed by barristers that they exist.
Good luck. I, and others would be interested in your search and how the experience evolves.

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There are a solicitor's that are solicitor/barristers,  they perform both tasks - my rep was one at a cost of $275 per hour, this was in newcastle nsw.

This may be a silly question, but have you tried putting "direct brief barristers" into a search engine,

Monaro, my lawyer's cost $475 per hour and were far better than the barrister that my x had.  It was expensive but the outcome was far better than what I expected.

a good lawyer is where you find them

ILG,the point i want to make is my lawyer was an accredited specialist / barrister who charged $275 p/h  he no longer is practising, he is now a registrar in the family court - can you see my point, good lawyer's are where you find them so seek and you shall find!

Good results are not proportional to what one charges for their service.

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Our solicitor was open to addressing the court in our case - he thought our best option would be to get a barrister.

It was. While it will mean a hefty bill, we had a very, very good result.

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