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Deciphering CSA's Freedom Of Information Maze

A needle in a Haystack

Making a second attempt to Amend my CSA Personal Records under FIO Act, after having a more informed look at my FOI File. (Fallacy Of Information Folder)

The first attempt was ignored. When I inquired how it was progressing, I was informed CSA could not locate the document.

I am having difficulty deciphering some of CSA abbreviations.

Could anyone provide info on the following?  a TSO enquiries, IDC, example when case was in IDC and why CSA would change a customers reference number, without notification to the customer.
TSO Could be Technical Support Officer (I think basically someone who's said to know a little more than the average officer and I think a CSO 4 rather than a CSO 3). TSO is also Time Share Option (another, perhaps more correct, name for multi-tasking) for mainframes; CUBA the CSA Database runs on a mainframe(s) {it/they are the ATO's}). The former is most likely the usage.

I believe customer references numbers were changed (at a guess somewhere around 2005-2007) from being identical to tax file numbers due , I think, to legislative reasons (i.e. CSA not allowed to use TFN's as a reference number). I recall some years ago being informed of my new (still has TFN embedded) customer reference number.

IDC is Intensive Debt Collection.
can you remember when it took them 2yr to sort out the payments from HIM for the other 3 (standing joke sorry its like the brady bunch his 4 and my 3   ) i got no joy from the csa whatsoever and eventually had to involve our local M.P. Just wondered if you get no joy this time (which i in all honesty and obviously hope you do) would it be worth contacting the local M.P ??
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