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Judgement reserved, can I file further documents?


Had a hearing in Family Court WA in January this year and judgement has been reserved since.

Magistrate mentioned at the hearing I hadn't provided any written evidence supporting my argument. My argument being a request for more spend time. Also a removal of restrictive Orders such as a requirement I must be on annual leave during spend time and am unable to leave my son with suitable care  for more than six hours (sleepovers at his cousins are out of the question).

My question is now that I have evidence, can this can be handed in while judgement has not been made yet? If so would a letter to the Registrar suffice or will it have to be formal with affidavit etc?

The evidence is in relation to me asking the other side for more spend time during school holidays, in particular the  summer holidays. If I choose to have two weeks of spends time at the start of January, normal spend time will cease until school resumes again i.e. it would be five weeks before seeing my son again. I wrote to the other side via email and prompted her with a text messages to no avail. Instead she has contacted her lawyer to have the judgement passed and the matter closed.

Genuinely curious Triple-Beam, how did such restrictive Orders get made in the first place? Were they Orders that you agreed to or were they made by the Court?
**bump**  I can't believe this valid question went unanswered.!  If other parties counsel discovers stuff whilst judgment pending are'nt they duty bound by rules/procedures demanded of them in their professional roles to request other party inform the judge & failing that they themselves are to inform judge ?  Sure I read it right . anyone  ??
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