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Child Support Debt case law needed

When my ex and I separated he claimed that he earned $12 to the CSA and was running his own business so couldn't properly estimate an income.  That was 5 years ago. At the time the CSA told me they could not take over collection because "there is no income to collect". There were AVO's in place so my likelihood of trying to collect anything were slim. I knew he was working and rang the CSA many times to investigate but never got any explanations. They kept saying that when his tax was done it would be reconciled and sorted out. He later estimated an income and I continued to jump through hoops to get the CSA to collect the 6,000 that was owed to me when they finally did reconcile his tax (2 years later). Then I was told I would have to collect that because the it was during a period of non collect by the CSA and they couldn't collect it on my behalf. I continued to ring and as for a proper investigation into it, which they finally did. They sent me a letter apologising for being given the wrong advice (the CSA CAN take over collection even when it is a nil income) but that I would still have to collect it on my own.
Now we are back in court on other issues so I have submitted a claim for the debt owed to me and all the documents necessary. The magistrate questioned the jurisdiction the Federal Magistrates Court to collect such a debt.
So far what I can gather is that Section 79 of the Assessment Act provides the enforcement of a debt that is not registered for collection but it would have to adhere to the Fed Circuit Court rules which say I can collect a debt if I am entitled to do so under the Registration Act but that says it has to be a debt to the Commonwealth.
So basically the Fed Circuit Court rules undermine the Assessment Act which leaves me in some sort of CSA limbo.??

Any idea of an case files that deal with something like this so I can show precedence? Or any other advice?

Thanks :'(
I'd suggest following this link AUSTLII - Commonwealth Resources then selecting advanced search, then CTRL and click on the following databases (CTRL clicking allows multiple selections):

Commonwealth: Family Court of Australia
Commonwealth: Family Court of Australia (Full Court)
Commonwealth: Federal Magistrates Court of Australia - Family Law

and then entering the search operand "CSA AND DEBT AND Collect" (omitting the double quotes at the start and end) and then finally clicking on the Search button (whilst ensuring that "this Boolean query" is in the Find field). Testing this resulted in 34 finds.

Reading these results may give you some insight and references to work on. As new legislation was introduced from 2006-2008 I'd advise relying primarily upon thoe from July 2008 on.

You may also wish to have a look at The CSA Guide - 5.4 Court enforcement
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