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Case law relevant to current circumstance


I have been carrying out a substantial amount of research and am finding it quite difficult to find case law similar to my current circumstance. Although I don't expect an exact match, I am struggling with finding past similar cases.

I would sincerely appreciate any advice from anyone on similar cases as per below points.

1. Ex mother in law and ex partner contact police and claim verbal assault/threat
2. Police attend and Interim ADVO put in place by NSW police
3. Returned following evening from work and mother in law and ex departed interstate with 2 week old child without my knowledge or       consent
4. Urgent recovery order applied for and currently still awaiting hearing (approx 9months ago)
5. Family assesment undertaken by independent and findings are positive, recommendations to see child 4 days a week up to 6 months and days thereafter
6. Attended family court for initial hearing (sorry, not sure of true terminology) and registrar orders ex email weekly updates and visitation interstate every Sunday for 2 hrs
7. Attend criminal court and ADVO dropped by magistrate due to evidence (ironically, police evidence was a major factor I'm told)
8. Psych test advised by assessor of ex. Due to ex being assessed for varying reasons it would be also be of use to assess dad. (To be performed this week)
9. Return to court for final hearing in approx 3 months, so I'm told.

If anyone has any knowledge of urgent recovery orders which include ADVO (although now dropped) please advise as it would be very helpful to my case.

Thank you sincerely for those who take the time out to respond.

You appear to have taken your eyes off the ball again. Obviously you are not going to find many cases that meet some of the criteria you are looking for.

AVOs and dismissed AVOs are par for the course in many cases. Your main focus should be on a search for:

Recovery Orders for when a child is less than 12 months.

The type of orders awarded by the Courts for access to children of that age. (Tender years - less than 3)

You may also be lucky enough find a couple of cases that meet some of your other criteria.

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