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Case Judgment

jugment made i need to find

Hey there.

I am putting a post on because, my ex and I have AVO on one another - interim. We can't get on, in no way shape all form. I feel that it's a tactic to stop the father getting shared care of the children.

There was a judgment made that I read where the judge said, "I see no reason for the father to lose contact with the children simply because both parties can't get on."

I was told at an AVO matter last month that because of the AVOs, and other things, that the judge would not grant shared care. I told the solicitor of the judgement made in this other mater. I just cant go to court on the 9th next month and be told I can't see my kids and all cant see them close to 1/2 the time because of the tactics used by the mother to stop me seeing them.

It would be damaging to the children and also me. So any help finding this judgment would be helpful. I would also like to say that this web page has helped me no ends on more then one level. Without this web page many would be without that help.
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