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Australian Greens Senator Kerry Nettle Calls for same-sex access to Family Court -

Media Release, Australian Greens Senator Kerry Nettle

Greens Senator Kerry Nettle today joined former Family Court chief justice Alastair Nicholson in calling for legal recognition of registered same-sex relationships and give those couples access to the Family Court.

Professor Nicholson has argued that not to amend federal law to allow same-sex couples to access the Family Court 'would be a continuing breach of the human rights of lesbians and gay men and their families.'

"I will be pursuing this matter with the Federal government next week in Senate Estimates and when I receive a briefing on the new legislation.

"The government needs to ensure that they include the recognition of registered same-sex relationships in their same sex law reform package that we are due to see next week.

"If the government fails to give registered relationships recognition under federal law, including access to the Family Court, then they will have failed the non-discrimination test.

"If the government does not move to recognise state and territory registered relationships in federal law The Greens will move amendments to ensure that this occurs.

"Labor cannot have a bob each way on discrimination. Either they support equal rights or they are for discrimination. The Greens will continue to push for full equality for same-sex couples.

The first tranche of legislation to amend federal law to eliminate discrimination against same-sex couples is expected to be introduced next week with further amendments due in June.

Last night I heard Chairman Rudd indicate that he was unlikely to change the Marriage Act. He indicated that he had fulfilled promises made before the election. That suggests that it will be at least 2 years before the landscape might change. Democracy is an ongoing process.
The recent reforms have brought financial equity for all. Until the nation supports changes to Marriage Act then the likelyhood of changes to the Family Law Act are unlikely.

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im not sure they will do that, actually call it marriage. they will however do civil cerimonies and give same sex couples similar rights as defactos if they register.
im pretty sure that since the law change that marriage is specifcally stated as being between a man and a woman.   

marriage is even stated as being between male/female in the european charter of human rights.


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