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Attorney-General moves to set up watchdog for Australia's judges

Attorney General Robert McLelland has written to his State and Territory colleagues, proposing that he and they set up a working group "to examine the feasibility of the National Judicial College of Australia being given a judicial complaints handling fun

The Rudd Government is moving to establish a body that would for the first time systematically deal with complaints against judges. said
  I was privileged to have met with the AG and discussed some topics, this was one of them, Mr McCLelland this is a great thing, i hope this will help make the judicial officers think twice before making hasty judgements..

                                                         Or will they retract further in fear of making the wrong judgement? 

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When did you meet the new AG and was there any discussion :o that would be of interest to the Shared Parenting Council? What sort of topics were covered off? ;)

Executive Secretary - Shared Parenting Council of Australia
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Secretary, i met up with the AG around a month ago, the discussions were around mens health issues and the family courts.
 i am not sure if the topics i discussed are of interest to the SPCA, one thing i will say is that he is quite an expressive character.

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