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Amendments to the new Family Law Act

Hi all,
I've just been doing some reading about the bill that was passed and all of the changes made to the Family Law Act - especially in regard to to definition of violence/perceived fear/exposure of children to such etc etc.

While I still have a lot to get my head around and am myself a victim of domestic violence both pre and post separation, I do see the possibility of the 'flood gates' being opened to false claims (this would be disturbing to say the least), I just have a couple of questions that I'm hoping someone can clarify - I've searched but can't find any answers - as this bill could potentially effect my case greatly.

Is there a date set down for this bill to officially take effect?
Will it effect cases that have already been filed (but not commenced proceedings) and if not, will consideration be given to those already in the FMC or FCoA or is it off limits until an official start date?

Thank you in advance.

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