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Airport WatchList

Airport WatchList

Hello all..   my son is currently placed on the Airport Watchlist and I would like to know what the process is to have it temporary lifted for holidays or removed all together and what is the cost.

Any info would be great

Bugsiboy the following may be of help; it is from the Family Law Courts website:

Family Law Courts: Relocation and travel (extract) said
( c ) Preventing a child from leaving Australia

If there is a possibility or threat that a child may be removed from Australia, the Court can make orders which:

    * restrain the removal of the child from Australia
    * request that the Australian Federal Police (AFP) place the childs name on the Airport Watch List, and
    * request that the AFP assist in the implementation of the order/s.

The AFP will need a copy of the court order before placing a childs name on the list. The childs name will stay on the Airport Watch List until further order of the Court.

Note: If you consent to a child travelling out of Australia in the future or wish to take a child out of Australia yourself, you must apply to the Court (before you travel) to have the childs name removed from the Airport Watch List. If you fail to do so, a child may be prevented from leaving irrespective of who they are travelling with. The AFP cannot remove the childs name from the list without an order of the Court.

The AFP has offices in each capital city and some regional locations. Go to or look in the White Pages for contact details.
What if the Court is not open when I need to make an urgent application?

The Court has an out-of-hours service for emergencies: that is, there is a risk that a child may be taken out of the country before the next working day. Call the Courts on 1300  352  000 out of business hours and you will be referred to this emergency number.

Here's a link Family Law Courts: Relocation and Travel
If either party desires to take the child out of the Commonwealth of Australia whilst an airport watch list order is in effect, they will only be permitted to travel with an Order of the Court. If there is still a genuine need to keep the child on the Watch List, the Court can make an Order which allows travel for a certain period of time with a certain party.

You need to seek a variation to the Court Order in plenty of time (where possible one week) prior to intended travel to prevent lengthy delays prior to departure.

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