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Warwick Marsh's VideoEmail

Email your politicians on the importance of marriage and the family

Hi to Everyone

As you would know, the concept of families is under attack.

The following link provides an important message from Warwick Marsh on the importance of marriage.

The message can be seen on Youtube at:-

The video goes for three (3) minutes.

Some of the main participants in this anti-family campaign are senior members of the Labor Government.

Three (3) politicians behind this agenda would appear to be:

1. The Attorney-General, the Hon Robert McClelland, MP

2. The Minister for Human Services and for Social Inclusion,
    The Hon Tanya Plibersek, MP.

3. The Minister for Finance and Deregulation,
    Senator the Hon Penny Wong.

The politicians somehow seem to see that there are more votes involved in supporting fringe issues such as homosexual marriages, adoption of children by homosexual couples, etc. This is rather than supporting the important concept of the family.

After watching the above video, Warwick would ask everyone to go and see their own local federal local representative and/or use the Australian Family Association web-site to email politicians at  on this issue.



What's interesting is how many times Warwick March used the word 'homosexual' - at least a dozen times, probably more.

And clearly his intention is to tap into homophobic sentiment to win the debate.

There was no reference to lesbians at all in his video and this is an interesting omission. Perhaps he doesn't mind a bit of girl-on-girl action.

He's clearly asking us to discriminate on the basis of sexuality.

And Warwick, not all babies are born from 'acts of love' between a 'man and a woman'. Some are created in a test tube. Others from sexual misconduct between a man and a woman.


To 4mydaughter

Hi 4mydaughter

Thank you for your reply

You said that lesbians were not included. They are included.

Without getting too involved in definitions - the word "homosexual" does include both male and female.

Quoting from Wikipedia - "The most common adjectives in use are lesbian for women and gay for men, though gay can refer to either men or women"

This is not a homophobic reaction.

What is really important in this issue is that this is part of an incremental attack by these politicians on all aspects of family life.

These same politicians are also attacking shared parenting at the same time they are pushing for same sex adoption, etc. All you need is a sperm donor or a surrogate mother.  The inference is that fathers are not important - in either case.

We need to attack (figuratively) these politicians on all fronts - whether it be on the issue of gay marriage, same sex adoption or shared parenting.


The note below the video on YouTube says"

Protecting marriage - children need a mother and a father. Warwick Marsh one of the many pro-family advocates behind the Canberra declaration speaks out about the importance of Marriage as a social good and the many dangers behind changing the natural definition of marriage between a man and a woman to marriage between two homosexual men. This radical green notion of marriage is anti the natural environment and anti nature and will rob children of their biological birthright to a mother and a father.

No mention of lesbians anywhere.

Sorry John. I've listened to the video again - and there is no direct reference marriage or union between women or lesbian's.

The use of the word 'homosexual' - repeatedly through the presentation - whilst this term can technically include lesbians - I know some lesbian's that would vehemently oppose their inclusion within this definition - is absolutely designed to make people think about homosexual sexual activity. Sorry. But that is the case.

He's not using neutral language such as 'same sex' - which we all know includes lesbians - which is consistent with the languaging around this debate - he chooses to use the word homosexual.

Warwich N said in relation to his granddaughter who he is holding said
it would be unthinkable to rob her of her biological birth right to a mother

This propagranda is very clearly singling out homosexual men - and deliberately avoiding reference to lesbians - and promotes the primacy of a child having 'mother'. No mention of a father.

He's deliberately avoided referencing lesbians directly so as not to energise a section of straight female voters against his cause.

Also, I draw your attention to the title "Canberra Declaration - Protecting Australian Values".

So another inference is that being homosexual - or homosexual union - is UnAustralian.

This video is vilification of homosexual men, who's sexuality is "unAustralian".

Last edit: by 4mydaughter


The incremental attack by some of our politicians on families

Hi 4mydaughter

Thank for your reply again.

I know Warwick Marsh very well. Warwick would be one of the last people on this planet that I would call homophobic.

On another issue, I belong to the Non-Custodial Parents Party (Equal Parenting). Gays and lesbians are being just as badly affected by the family law and child support system.  They and their relatives and friends are more than welcome to join the Non-Custodial Parents Party (Equal Parenting) -



Dear John,

He may not homophobic. But like many others, he is exploiting anti-homosexual public sentiment to achieve a political agenda.

Hitler didn't have an issue with Jews until he realised he could get significant political mileage out of it.

Same with Tony Abbott et al in relation to the so-called 'illegal' 'boat people' - essentially exploiting anti-muslim public sentiment

These comments by WN follow NSW's recent decision to support the catholic churches ban on male same-sex foster cares.

If you know Warwick, please pass on this message  -

I believe his granddaughter - the little girls he's holding in the video - has the right not to be exploited by her grandfather in a video blog for political purposes! Especially in a video that in essence vilifies or seeks to promote the discrimination of a minor group on the basis of sexuality.

It seems apparent that Mr Nolan's 'family values' include exploiting his own granddaughter to achieve his own personal goals. As a grandfather - he should know better.

Mr Nolan, were you thinking of your grand daughter's 'rights' when you recorded this video?

It doesn't reflect well on your granddaughters parents in that they allowed this exploitation to occur.

Gee. You guys are the model for family values. NOT!

Last edit: by 4mydaughter

Hi 4mydaughter

Thanks again.

You said "Hitler didn't have an issue with Jews until he realised he could get significant political mileage out of it."

Hitler targeted the Jews (6 million dead), the Poles (2.5 million dead), various slavic peoples, the gypsies, the mentally ill, the physically disabled, the mentally retarded, the homosexuals and the transvestites, to name a few. He did not target everyone at once. He targeted each group in turn. Each of the other groups then sat back and did nothing. They probably felt it would not happen to them. When their time came they were isolated and easily victimised.

We are faced with the same tactics that Hitler used.

Victims of the Family Court and the Child Support Agency are a relatively small group. By ourselves, we are very easily isolated and victimised. That is, unless we support other groups such as the Christian groups and unite our protests. The Christian groups are being targeted by exactly the same people that are targeting us - viz. the McCelland's. the Plebersek's and the Wong's.

We have two (2) important inquiries coming up.

We have the Attorney-General's inquiry into the Family Violence Bill. Submissions close on 14 January 2011. We also have Senate Inquiry into the Australian Law Reform Commission. Submissions are due by 28 January 2011.

I believe in that what Warwick Marsh is saying about the importance of marriage is correct. If you would visit Warwick and Alison Marsh's Fathersonline web-site. You will see that they are happily married. Warwick and Alison have never been victims of the Family Court and the Child Support Agency.

At the same time, Warwick Marsh is a firm supporter of our issues. I would leave you with an extract from Warwick Marsh's latest edition of Fathersonline - Dads4Kids Newsletterdated 9 January 2011.


The Australian Government has approved the release of an exposure draft of the Family Law Amendment (Family Violence) Bill 2010 in order to facilitate further public consultation on proposed family law reforms.  Dr David Phillips, FamilyVoice Australia, says, "The proposal would undo the gains for shared parenting achieved under the Howard government … I consider the implications to be horrendous". Dads4Kids therefore believes it is critical for as many people as possible to object to the wording of this bill as the effect of it will allow fathers to be robbed of their children on the basis of unproven allegations which can be raised with impunity.

Please send your written comments on the proposed Family Violence Bill by14 January 2011.

Public Consultation: Family Violence Bill

Family Law Branch
Attorney-General's Department
3-5 National Circuit
BARTON  ACT  2600 




John Flanagan said
Hitler targeted the Jews (6 million dead), the Poles (2.5 million dead), various slavic peoples, the gypsies, the mentally ill, the physically disabled, the mentally retarded, the homosexuals and the transvestites, to name a few. He did not target everyone at once. He targeted each group in turn. Each of the other groups then sat back and did nothing. They probably felt it would not happen to them. When their time came they were isolated and easily victimised.

He only targeted Jews after it became apparent to him that he could gain political advantage by tapping into anti-semetic sentiment.

Frankly, I'm not interested in Warrick Marshes views on anything. From viewing his video blog - I've formed the view that he's an ignorant, bigoted person.

I don't support his views on marriage - whatsoever. People want of the same sex want to marry - then why not? Doesn't adversely affect me in any way? How does it affect you? What business is it of yours or mine to interfere in other peoples personal life?

And I take exception to how he has attempted to garner support for his cause in his video by exploiting homophobia.

He preaches 'family values' but then involves his grand daughter in his video. The guys a hypocrite!

These tactics say a lot about his character - or should I say - lack of.


We disagree

Hi 4mydaughter

We obviously disagree on this issue.

I have proudly attached a photo of Warwick Marsh and myself to this reply.



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Dear John,

Put this scenario to your friend Mr Marsh.

What if Mr Marsh's grand daughter (the one in the video)

1. Turned out to be a lesbian, and
2. Her choice was to get married to her lesbian partner, and
3. Adopt an orphaned child from Somalia.

Does Mr Marsh believe his adult grand daughter has the 'right' to make these types of choices?

Would Mr Marsh be supportive of his Granddaughter's choices in this regard?

As a father of a daughter, I'd just want my daughter to be happy. What would Mr Marsh want for his granddaughter?

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I would think e-mail are not enough sometimes, I think that other means of contacting them would have greater impact on some. But a large amount of e-mails concerning an issue probably impress aswell :)
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