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View of Domestic Violence

Problems with the current approach

This domestic violence thing seems a bit unbalanced and continues to be based on gender bias.

OK we have been bombarded with "Australia says no to violence against Women', white ribbon day and a raft of changes to domestic violence laws.

Anyone coming to this country would have to assume that Australian men are violent , aggressive out of control people who hate women.

I really have to applaud the orchestration of this campaign by the lobby groups - they have done a 'bang up' job.

The consequence of this campaign is:

1) Lower boy's and men's self worth generally (contributing to self harm)

2) Remove rights and freedoms by law - ie proove that you are innocent

3) Fail to address the fundamental problems

The fundamental problems of so called domestic violence is that it occurs in relationships and relationships are complex matters.

A gender biased view of females is that:

1) The are controlled by their feelings and hormone cycles - even post natal disorder becomes a valid excuse now

2) The think manipulation, control and physical violence is justified at any time - based on their level of emotion

3) They think violence is OK against men

4) They think retribution and revenge is a valid way to punish men

This is an example of a gender biased view.

Has anyone actually delved into relationships to look at how violence occurs and what can be done so that people do not get into that position in the first place?
i.e. instead of punishing men and children train men and women to communicate better?

The speed at which governments want to be seen to be doing the right thing but instead just make more laws, reduce others rights and severely get stuck into males - just astounds me. They seem to lack any ability to see a bigger picture or think about the consequences. Surely they cannot all be as shallow as that?

The damage they do with this stuff is just outrageous because:

1) It does not address the real issues

2) It reduces peoples rights under the law

3) It reinforces negative gender stereotypes

and most of all

4) It ruins children and their futures

Is their anyone who cares about 'all of society' in these governments?

If governments supported developing healthy relationships - a whole lot of problems would be addressed:

1) divorce

2) children

3) health

4) carers

5) productivity

6) opportunity cost - instead of spending money and energy on this - we could become a great country again.

 Maybe I am not explaining myself well enough
Jon this is still a great country, just look at the turmoil and oppression else where, in most ways we are better off than most the main difference I see is the others are better off in regard to the belief and unity of family.

My point is, if we let Judges continue to destroy the roots of our society by ignoring the Laws of assault. That is, what constitutes assault rather than their claim a party's ability to withstand the assault makes the assault perpetrated by a women not assault at all. This to obstruct the truth that women perpetrate more assaults on men and children than men but the evidence of that is only available in the future by the increasing violence perpetrated by these child, and the destruction of the proper family unit, as these children grow to young adults. This is proven already by the increasing rate of divorce. Not that long ago the divorce rate was 1 in 3 now reported to be 1 in 2. How ling before Judges destroy the sanctity of Families altogether?

An additional point is women are proven to be the most violent of the two genders but this fact is as you have said hidden by the claims of reasonable excuses for woman not available to men.

More offensive is the Judges claims men can withstand the assault of women by saying "don't tell me about her assaults tell me about your assault on her" that supports a preconception the man has committed an assault. Like said elsewhere by others we need to cause Parliament to cause the enforcement of the Law of the Commonwealth and not the Law of Judges of the Family Court.
I have no great faith in the people in the federal magistrates court or the family court. They would argue that they are just doing a job - but at the end of the day its a bunch of strangers delving into your personal life and making all sorts of judgments about your character and life.

They are not worthy of that.

Women will always play the violence and abuse card as long as the law and system is set up to support them and there is so much money to be gained and damage to be caused. Lawyers will encourage it because they get the spoils.

Parliament cannot control judges, the bureaucracy or anyone else - in fact all the ministers or members of parliament I have dealt with deny any responsibility for anything to do with the outcomes of the system.

Yes - its bad to be treated like a criminal in the family court - but that how the system is designed.

 Maybe I am not explaining myself well enough

The System

Sorry Jon.

The system was not designed with the way it is being abused in mind.

It was designed to be Fair and Just but has evolved into some lawyers and judges take it into their minds it is their duty to persecute men for the benefit and piece of mind of woman and their profit, to h*ll with the Law and Justice.

As I said in a Hyde Park Forum, until we men unit and cause the Law of Australia (Crimes Act and Criminal Code) as created by Parliament pursuant to the Constitution. (s72.ii) Judicial Tenure (employment) is dependent on their "Good Behaviour", that does not mean a wilful breeching of the Criminal Code in Good Faith they need to breech the Code to protect or grant a benefit to a woman for her false claims of male abuse or a want.

But a proper administration of justice in good faith justice and the law will cause any wrong done to be undone and any harm done will be compensated, hence we have the Victim of Crimes awards and Act.

Like I said elsewhere, until there is no weight of evidence placed on an AVO, IO or the like, only that the existence of an AVO,IO or the like identifies proper evidence is to be presented in support of such Orders, or the Order is irrelevant to the Family Law matter being dealt with. As most AVO's IO's and the like would then become, due to there is no proper evidence to support them, only false claims of woman causing the uncontested interim and often final Orders, the Orders would be disregarded as not justiciable.

The only way this can occur, is to lobby parliament to undo the laws granting unfair weight on existing Orders. This would cause AVO, IO and the like Orders to be disregarded were made not pursuant to the Law of a fair hear of all the evidence. Not so in undefended Orders, only one side heard, also disregard those made on the judicial belief of a genuine fear of a woman. Most of the fear is caused by the woman on herself due to her own actions or attempts to commit or induce violence.

The site admin of this site don't like this type information or soap box conversation, as they call it, because it undermines their power to correct the few cases they get involved in, hence most of my writing ends up hidden in the Hyde Park Forum.

The only way to cause JUSTICE FOR ALL in the Courts is for the site admin who have contacts in parliament to lobby those contacts for judges to be dealt with for "Proved Other than Good Behaviour" pursuant the Constitution. (s72.ii) that requires such an ability to be readily available where there is proper evidence and a Justiciable Matter/s to be heard like in my case, some of that evidence of mine has been filed on this site.

I've worked tonight and start again in about 3 hrs so good luck, sounds like you might have had the same breeches of 142.2 of the Criminal Code applied to your case as was to mine and the Guest who wrote about Mushin J.

Good Luck and keep the chin up, if like I you did not do a wrong, take solace in that, they say justice takes time and just deserts come to those who deserve them.


A agree with much of what you have said - I think that a number of avenues need to be explored in an effort to improve Australian society - and contribute to its improvement:

1) Address the legal issues

2) Have the discussion - this forum helps that - lets discuss the issues - share ideas openly and without trying to hurt others

3) Work out the principles - e.g. I submit that society is more than just the law

4) Educate & influence - research facts - find out who is doing what - look at what is happening - share ideas & information with others

5) Be involved in you children's future - in every way

The point is that it is ALL OF US which make the kind of society we want.

Even though governments do things with the best intent:

1) It is interference - usually to the benefit of one party over another

2) It has unintended consequences

For example 'success' for CSA is reported on the basis of the number of people paying child support and the number of people they caught and got to pay more. NOT how better of mothers fathers and children are or how families are more secure.

The family court and CSA machine is out of control and no matter how many people are killed, maimed or damaged - continually propping it up and tacking on extra bits does little to change the shape of the machine.

The topic of domestic violence is a bit the same. Governments interfere to save victims but cause more damage to others:

1) Denial of human rights - right to fair trial

2) Negative stereotyping and images

3) A percentage of system abuse and the consequences

The domestic violence system is NEVER set up to compensate those who have been wrongly accused or treated. It becomes a free government weapon for the target VICTIM group to use as POWER at WILL.

 Maybe I am not explaining myself well enough
No-Justice said
Jon this is still a great country, just look at the turmoil and oppression else where, in most ways we are better off than most the main difference I see is the others are better off in regard to the belief and unity of family.
Fantastic comment and no one could possibly disagree … could they?
No-Justice said
An additional point is women are proven to be the most violent of the two genders but this fact is as you have said hidden by the claims of reasonable excuses for woman not available to men.
I do not see that comment as fact in the statistics that come across my table although I did read the latest stats from the Qld Government in the news here on this site which shows it is not as one sided as it may have been previously.

In relation to "claims of reasonable excuse" my information is this is only available in contravention proceedings under 70NAA Simplified outline of Division section 3. Do you have any statistics to support this view?
Ok -here's another idea which can help at the court stage.

If a person is accused of being violent - (hinted,asserted, implied ,etc) then the court work with BOTH people on the issues around the violence to:

1) Build a positive relationship (for the sake of the children) for post separation

2) reduce fear and reactions to it

3) reduce court costs because animosity is being reduced

I presume that is some of the role of the relationship centers but UNLESS they lay it out on the table that one person is claiming that violence exists - then it can't be dealt with.

Because VIOLENCE is SO CENTRAL to the determination of children allocation then rather than PUNISH the accused (and thus deny the children a parent as well) - it behoves the system to rehabilitate and support the person with the problem - for the sake of everybody.

The violent would benefit from appreciating this even more if there was a financial incentive for them to successfully do this - maybe government hand outs, reduced CSA, increased time with children and reduction in court cases and conflict.

That is of course if we are dealing with the issues AT THE END OF THE RELATIONSHIP - rather than before and during.

 Maybe I am not explaining myself well enough


Check out the post titled Women can be abusive & violent: Men Shouldn't Be Overlooked as Victims of Partner Violence.
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