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The Growth of a Societal Cancer

A short polemic about Australia's Family Law System from Peter van de Voorde.

A short polemic about Australia's Family Law System from Peter van de Voorde.
Peter van de Voorde said
The Growth of a Societal Cancer (The Family Law System)
By Peter van de Voorde

January 2008
The Family Justice System has become a societal cancer, a place to be avoided at all cost. Like any cancer, if left unchecked, it will continue to grow, gaining momentum and eventually destroying its host victims and subsequently the culture which supports and feeds this malignant growth. It has removed parental rights and replaced them with parental responsibilities. However without rights, parents are denied their human right and duty to responsibly protect and share the love and care of their own biological children.

We are now looking at a 35 year old cancer that has been allowed to grow unchecked and is by far the most dangerous place for men, women and children, to come into contact with, in the event of relationship breakdown.

It has become a law unto itself, a dictatorship within a democracy. Secret and seemingly untouchable, it has been allowed to grow into a multi-billion dollar industry, with many poisonous tentacles which have gradually and unnoticeably crept into many of our institutions and bureaucracies. These in turn have each spawned their own agencies and pseudo expert organizations and bodies, who play host to a variety of so called professional expert specialist advisers, who keep feeding the cancer with a continuous supply of misinformation and dodgy statistical data, which flows into the system, thereby guaranteeing malignant growth.

Each tentacle of this cancer is pushing its own immoral agenda, while at the same time comfortably feathering their nests with billions of dollars of taxpayer funded handouts, bolstered by the funds plundered from the hard earned family wealth of unsuspecting separating parents.                   

All of this is made possible because society has unsuspectingly and unquestionably accepted the deliberately deceptive and misleading "Best Interest of the Child" principle. It is an obscene act of deception to suggest that the "Best Interest of a Child" is best served by giving children rights, when in fact they lack the autonomy and physical ability to enact those rights and while their young developing brains are so vulnerable to emotional, and psychological manipulation and control.

Without question the most dangerous situation for a child to find itself in, is when its parents are coerced into entering the Family Court system. This ensures them being infected by this obnoxious Family Justice cancer, which in fact will guarantee that most of them will have their ties of kinship with many of their much loved biological family members severed.

This cancerous industry, which hides behind the spurious "Best Interest of the Child" principle, in order to justify the removal of these vulnerable children from perfectly loving and responsible family members, is a curse on the health and wellbeing of our society.  To remove those who wish to protect and play a part in the healthy physical and emotional development of their biological family, is universally unacceptable to a civil society.

To allow this dangerous cancer to flourish will eventually destroy our society.  We owe it to the children of today, who are the parents of tomorrow, to relieve them of the burden of being forcibly removed by this malignant societal cancer.  If we fail to do so, history will judge us harshly.

"Parental rebellion is not a crime, it is our obligation."
There is no doubt that there are a number of systems which have caused enormous damage to people and many people have failed to notice or care. People who do care have been labelled radical or 'militant' or 'angry' as if that too is a crime which needs to be punished or they lack to intellect to see things clearly.

To accept the powerful government instruments put in place - the idea that there are checks and balances is a fallacy - its not balanced if it takes you all your time, money and life to right the wrongs done to you and your children.

Nor do the checks and balances mean anything when those who are involved in the system can be influenced and act with impunity.

What astounds me is the lack of care or is it impotence, that seems to come from everywhere 'What can I do' - being the main response.

What makes it worse is that if politics refuse the debate or deflect, ignore, disengage - what's left?

While governments and politicians may want to 'hose down' disagreement - fearing a rebellion - it's that very process - which abuses the individual and treats the populous like ignorant children - which only serves to inflame the issue even more.

All need to grow up , be adults and recognize the unfairness, invasiveness, damage, cost. Agitate, argue and BECOME INVOLVED - its that involvement and a contribution to improvements (righting of wrongs, standing up to be counted) which IS the parenting example which can be aspirational to our children.

 Maybe I am not explaining myself well enough
Jon Pearson said
What astounds me is the lack of care, or is it impotence, that seems to come from everywhere 'What can I do?' - being the main response.

This is what astounds people that work in support or trying to change legislation. There are many people who want to go public on what's wrong - but all too few willing to put their hand up to actually help. Of those that do want to help many want to do it their way and reinvent the wheel rather than join organisations that already have the political connections.

Governments change nothing unless it means votes and perceived public apathy to any issues encourages this thinking.

Executive Member of SRL-Resources, the Family Law People on this site (look for the Avatars) Be mindful what you post in public areas. 
Anyone interested in helping don't forget to contact Ed Dabrowski the Federal Director of the Shared Parenting Council of Australia… Love to have a hand on detailed preparation of legal documenations, assisting in mailings and canvassing and even uploading files to the library on this site. All to often we have many people creating new small groups that do not understand the issues. Anyone sent any donations to the site development? Thanks go and much praise to the absolutely dedicated posters and Moderators here.

Executive Secretary - Shared Parenting Council of Australia
 Was my post helpful? If so, please let others know about the FamilyLawWebGuide whenever you see the opportunity
How do we go about doing that? And what types of help are needed?

When you are swimming down a creek and an eel bites your cheek, that's a Moray.
I've often thought that some form of skills register could well be of benefit. Perhaps a members profile could be expanded in this way.
That would be a good idea - or a list of volunteer jobs so users can identify something that they can do and put their name down to it.

Might be something as simple as look for typos. :P

When you are swimming down a creek and an eel bites your cheek, that's a Moray.

A skills register is a tremendous idea and it is often surprising how an unusual skill may prove invaluable. The additional issue is what skills are required to continue developments on this site particularly in the content areas.

Your superb CSA calculator is an illustration of a particular skill being put to an extremely practical use. I think some dialogue between you and the SECSPCA over interpretation's of the new legislation and you should become the calculator king - sorry for voting you in.

Likewise some of the postings on this site already indicate people's very strong skill areas and to use a 'term' this should be 'leveraged' to the sites advantage.

There is a meeting today between the site admins and some senior people - these items were already on the Agenda.

Executive Member of SRL-Resources, the Family Law People on this site (look for the Avatars) Be mindful what you post in public areas. 
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