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One Nation Policy aligns to "A sickness has fallen on the family law system"

One Nation policy on families may be worth review and considered

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Today is White Ribbon Day, although we acknowledge most domestic violence and abuse is towards women, we must also remember that some men are also affected.

Any form of abuse whether violent, verbal or bullying is unacceptable. Many parents, especially men, are driven to violence through shear frustration when having to deal with courts, their former partner, unfair or unjust child support and a system that denies some reasonable access to their children.

Too many murders and suicides have been committed under the banner of domestic violence. The Prime Minister calls for respect, we call for a review of Child Support laws and the Family Law Courts, then and only then will we start to protect the children and innocent from this abuse and loss of lives.

If elected to Parliament, we will advocate for fair and equal treatment on behalf of men and women, because domestic violence/abuse has no gender, or place in our society.

Learn more about our Family Law Courts: Child Support policy

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