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New site you may be interest in

Here is new site the people on this forum might be interested in.


Happy Fathers Day.

What a very interesting site. Will definitely add this to the master links list. Thanks for the post.. My thought when I left was is there much hope for men… I would have liked to have seen a lot more reference material and also more detail around statements like "women health initiatives far outweigh mens… etc..  

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Interesting Site

 There are a number of sites which could be of interest.

A master map of the web site world is hard to come by - we at best follow what Google chooses to index - and of course the power of people who share information.

I found an interesting site - because it seems to be maintained by experts - librarians - and it's about gender.

It seems to be mainly about female gender rather than male. Maybe they should be told about our sites - just to even up the balance a bit?

It does show some useful FEMALE based sites which discuss GENDER. Its good to know how much money, effort and research is being conducted and about what topics.

Maybe these university and library websites could be made aware of this site?

If this is being maintained by one person then he must really be working FLAT OUT.
It seems to be quite popular for UK - he mounts a lot of debates with a lot of integrated topics
He has made his argument public and invited comment - and publishes the comments.
Seems like a very inclusive model.

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 Maybe I am not explaining myself well enough
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