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New Federal Sex Discrimenation Commissioner in action

As the new federal Sex Discrimination Commissioner I am repeatedly asked what my agenda will be. "I'm here to listen," has been my immediate response, because while I have an idea of what the important issues are for Australian women - economic security,

The Commisioner says …. I'm interested in building an integrated approach to gender equality from the ground up. This means listening to the concerns raised by the rich diversity of women and men around the country and taking my cues from that.

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Interested to read the HEROC report

It's About Time  - http://www.humanrights.../executive_summary.html#2

Which was initiated by Pru Goward.

It seems the purpose is to grab more money and pay people for raising children and also give them super - define them as working somehow
I quote
"A truly prosperous society is one that values time as well as money, whether this is time spent with children or other relatives in leisure activities, time spent working voluntarily within community or time spent meeting day-to-day care needs."

And their conclusion -
"This paper sets out a new framework for meeting paid work and family/carer responsibilities in Australia by addressing three central challenges: changes in caring needs and responsibilities across the life cycle; equality between men and women in paid and unpaid work; and valuing careO_o. A shared work - valued care approach forms a key part of this framework.Making this new framework a reality requires commitment from governments, employers, communities and families and individuals themselves, because in the end, striking the balance between paid work and family/carer:( responsibilities is a shared responsibility.

It's about time these issues were given the national attention they require."

This shift of money would come from single people and those people who have lost their children in a custody battle and who don't constitute a "family" - many of these are of course men but the also include (regardless of gender) - single people who work - including disabled or partially disabled workers and others. It also seems to be a further shift of money (on balance) towards "family" (substitute - those who can have babies) and away from others. Given the ivf debate and that one gender can have babies without another gender being fully involved or committed - its seems a bit weighted. Is the argument really that "families" are hard done by? I am surprised that the single working women (more each day) without children who are paying for "families" are not starting to be heard? Why don't they say anything?

I find it interesting that no matter how much free money any group receives - they want to receive more. Its an approach which is completely foreign to my value system and represents a "handout" mentality. That the issues seems to have come from a government funded agency as if its an unbiased and insightful report into Australia is quite offensive to me.

Fundamentally the concept of "paying" volunteers changes the concept of volunteering - people volunteer because it gives them great reward personally, they feel they are contributing to society and they find themselves in a position (because of finances and time availability) to do so.

Also note that mens issues seem to be combined with family issues but womens issues are womens issues alone. Does not seem to be a category for a "mens" issue.

Heroc seems to have maintained consistency in their approach for many years now. I admire the effectiveness of the people who have convinced Heroc to do and say these sorts of things - it really is an impressive achievement and has been sustained for so long now.


 Maybe I am not explaining myself well enough
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