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New Family Law Review Announced

George Christensen

Prime Minister Scott Morrison has just announced to the Liberal National Party room the establishment of new parliamentary inquiry into family law and child support to listen to and address the hurt that many Australians - mums, dads and kids - are feeling at the hands of both the family law and child support systems.

The divorce/DV industry pushback claims the Hanson inquiry is a deliberate move by the government to ignore the recommendations of two previous inquiries, namely, more funding …

"One reform, recommended by both inquiries, is so incendiary it's provoked warnings of reigniting "the gender wars". It is that the presumption of equal shared parental responsibility - and the mandate for judges to consider the option of shared care - should be abolished, because the evidence shows it is putting children at risk…"

… according to Rhoades, "the new orthodoxy" in family law. Culturally, across the family law system, father absence was being constructed "as a greater social problem than domestic violence". Statistics bear this out: despite allegations of family violence featuring in more than half of cases, only 3% of fathers are denied access to their children. Three per cent.

Friendly parent protections …Parental alienation a discredited concept … "

Family law inquiry is no sop to Hanson. It's a deliberate move to bury previous reviews | Jess Hill | Law | The Guardian
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