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Fitzroy Town Hall Public Meeting - Wednesday, 2 September 2015 from 6:30 PM to 9:30 PM

Senator John Madigan for Family Law Reform calls for signatures to partition

Fatherlessness is an obscenity. No child should be denied their human right to a father yet nearly 1 in 3 children now lives without a father. The unilateral Family Violence Amendments of 2011 underhandedly sabotaged any possibility of shared parenting of children after divorce.

These allow a vindictive or mentall ill parent to

  • File fale allegations without proof or consequence for lying
  • Interfere with or stop contact on a whim - claiming the child is afraid, fear being subjective.
  • Flee the State
  • and even brainwash the children into rejecting the other fit and loving parent
These are all now legitimate legal strategy. One parent can abuse the system, the system abuses the other parent and the children suffer. The family violence amendments manufacture the violence they were supposed to protect children from.

It's time to take steps towards fixing this abuse.

Senator John Madigan has started a series of public meetings to put the Family Court back on the public and political agenda.

Wednesday, 2 September 2015 from 6:30 PM to 9:30 PM (AEST) - Add to Calendar

Fitzroy Town Hall - 201 Napier St Fitzroy, VIC 3065 AU


Email Update

"The program starts at 6.30 pm.

I [John Madigan] have just started the petition "Attorney-General George Brandis, Australian Government: We must fix the Family Court" and wanted to see if you could help by adding your name.

My goal is to reach 100 signatures and I need more support. You can read more and sign the petition here:

Petition We must fix the Family Court

John Madigan

Independent Senator for Victoria"

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