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ALRC inquiry into the Royal Commissions

An opportunity to put forward the need for a Commission of Inquiry body like that of NSW

The Australian Law Reform Commission has been asked by the Attorney-General to look at the practicality of the Royal Commission Act 1902 with about 72 questions to be answered.

Within those questions like (my words);
Should that Act be repealed?
Does the word Royal need to be retained or should it be removed?
Is there a need for a new Commission to inquire into more general areas of public concern?
Is there a need for a new Act that would establish a Commission with more broad ranging powers and ability to inquire into more general areas of public concern?

The ALRC forum site is here

The terms of reference are here Inquiries | ALRC

Inquiry alert registration is here Inquiries | ALRC

To I, this is an excellent opportunity for us to cause a Commission that can handle complaints were the first port of call for the complete has been fobbed off, as is so often done by the CJ's department of the Family Court.

This would also enable a Commission to inquire into those special level to appeal applications to the High Court that the High Court do not want to answer because it might step on the toes of judges of the Family Court.

That is provide an alternative to the Privy Council we can no longer go to.
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