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2020 Summit

Government forms group to look at future

ABC News said

3 February 2008 1:19pm AEDT

The Federal Government has announced that 1,000 experts will be invited to a summit at Parliament House in April to help the Government shape long-term policies for the country.
This is a MAJOR initiative - they either have pretty clear ideas on what the issues (and answers) are OR they are really trying to plan to fix things. Either way - groups with ideas and agendas NEED TO BE REPRESENTED.
ABC News said
Vice chancellor of the University of Melbourne, Professor Glyn Davis, will head up the steering committee to select the participants, and will co-chair the summit.
Does anyone know how to contact Glyn Davis or what the criteria for being in the group entails?

 Maybe I am not explaining myself well enough

Vice-Chancellor, The University of Melbourne

The University of Melbourne
Victoria 3010 Australia
Phone 03 8344 6134
Fax: 03 9347 7253 / 9341 6060

I think this has to be a focus for anyone who want to influence change in the next few years. We must position ourselves to contribute to the debate and comment on anything out of the summit.

The prime minister elaborates Prime Minister Media release Australia 2020 Summit 3rd February 2008 and the Melbourne institute has a long history of comment and analysis - it would be good to see where their focus is (from last papers)

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 Maybe I am not explaining myself well enough
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