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(#45607) – By Secretary SPCA

If the CSA deem that the arrangement is not being kept up or some other concern that you will be permanently residing overseas , or departing overseas without adequate security bonds to cover the account then they could get in place such an order. There is much written here about the prohibition departure orders and there is a  really good article from the Ombudsman office. The tax office and the CSA work hand in hand make no mistake and if your name was in fact Paul Hogan you would already be the subject of a departure order until you appealed and put up a large surety.

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Departure Prohabiton (#45605) – By EMW1965

Departure Prohabiton

Hey what is your take on an application in a case to stop me flying overseas because he has a CSA enforcement application, which the CSA and I have a repayment plan (but is subject because of a current SSAT Appeal before the FMC).

Is it me..or is not my name Paul Hogan, and this is not the tax office.

Can someone confirm that I do not have rocks in my head (but that of the other party)…there is no way a civil case allows awarding a non statue entity, that is, a person or any dip stick a departure prohibition order.  Am I right unless a state statue with bankrupcy, and under the federal laws, ATO'; ASIC and CSA and the like…then they could enforce this?

I have completed all tax returns… he has not.

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