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Preview Big Shift Pushed in Custody Disputes SammiSez 1 405
ocf_emoticons/cool Preview Are there judges who are blatantly anti-fat…

Many like to pretend it's not true, but somehow fathers keep losing the custody wars despite a small avalanche of scientific studies demonstrating children's need to maintain full, meaningful relationships with both parents post-divorce.

DrJohn 1 486
ocf_emoticons/drool Preview Married to the State

By Stephen Baskerville September 25, 2009

Secretary SPCA 6 3,601
Preview (USA) Hope at last for joint-custody legisl…

There is a strong degree of confidence among legislators that Joint Physical Custody (a bill presuming equally shared parenting after divorce) will pass both the House and the Senate this session.

matrix 1 5,681
Preview (USA-NY) An 'ex' to grind: Vile gal gets ja…

"Spending time with my girls is something I put before all else," Ted Rubin.

matrix 1 3,119
ocf_emoticons/depressed Preview (USA) Mom finds her kidnapped kids via Fac…

A Southern California mother was recently able to locate her long-ago kidnapped children via Facebook, according to numerous media reports.

Secretary SPCA 1 2,750
Preview (USA) Woman charged with killing husband is…

45yo woman, charged with ending a domestic dispute by killing her 26-year-old husband of five days, is a registered lobbyist for a DV group.

matrix 1 2,873
Preview (USA) Shared Parenting 20/20 26 Feb 2010 -…

It is those who benefit financially from the present system who always tend to be against legislation that would give children full access to both their parents.

dad4life 3 3,699
Preview (USA) New Jersey Supreme Court strenghtens… Calista 1 2,391
Preview (USA) A Father's Quest

The case of Arianas Campos-Reese and his son Tyberius illustrates what's wrong with family court.

matrix 2 3,594
Preview Model Parenting Time Plans - For Parent/Child Daddy1 3 4,495
Preview (USA) Mother kept abducted boy hidden indoo…

A mother abducted the child because custody had been awarded to the father.

matrix 1 2,912
Preview There are single fathers who really want to…

I feel as if I'm being removed from my daughter's life. I currently have joint legal custody with her mother, but I'm only allowed to see her once a week and every other weekend.

matrix 1 3,197
Preview (USA) Dad strives to be there for daughter

Children growing up without their fathers are twice as likely to drop out of high school, according to a National Center for Health Statistics survey on child health.

dad4life 1 3,522
ocf_emoticons/cheeky Preview President Obama endorses fathers

A proclamation for Fathers Day in the USA, 2009, By President Barack Obama

monaro 1 2,726
Preview No-Fault Divorce: Americas Divorce Mill

No-fault divorce is a lawsuit, which means that one party is invoking the states police powers against the other party.

matrix 1 3,415
Preview USA Today Recognizes Maternal Gatekeeping

New research into the idea of "maternal gatekeeping" shows how attitudes and actions by the mother may promote or impede father involvement.

matrix 1 3,119
ocf_emoticons/wub Preview (USA) "Children of Children" Rock Opera

The "Children of Children" Rock Opera that is a Musical Cautionary Tale with deep Australian collaboration and co+operation Creativity roots.

Secretary SPCA 3 3,862
ocf_emoticons/constipated Preview (USA) Doctor to ex-wife: Give me my kidney…

Dr Batista told New York Daily News there is no value you can put on an organ when it saves someones life. There is no greater feeling on this planet. He says he is only suing Dawnell to get to her act reasonably in the divorce case, claiming she is rest

Jadzia 1 4,680
Preview (USA-MN) Child custody law up for review

Within the next two weeks, a state court official must report a study group's findings to the Legislature on whether Minnesota should change its child custody laws. At issue is whether judges should automatically presume that children split their time liv

jesuslovesdad 1 5,267
Preview Not Your Dad's Divorce

How changes in child-support laws, and a push by fathers for equal time, are transforming the way this generation of ex-spouses raise their children.

dad4life 1 5,569
Preview Alec Baldwin: Advice and Book

Separation and Divorce Suggestions

matrix 1 4,549
Preview (USA) Alec Baldwin - 60 Minutes Transcript Closed

Alec Baldwin is angry and talking about the bruising legal and custody battle over their daughter, Ireland.

dad4life 6 5,542
Preview DON'T MOVE OUT! How Fathers Become Their O… matrix 4 7,465
Preview The Destructive Sole Parent Custody Model monaro 1 3,462
Preview Alec Baldwin Discusses Family & Divorce Cou…

The lawyers are there to make money. It's an industry. It's a racket. Judges are like pit bosses in Vegas casinos. Their job is to make sure everyone stays at the table and keeps gambling.

matrix 2 4,532
Preview (USA) Restraining Orders Out of Control

Courts are easily manipulated by those pretending to seek protection from abuse because the political climate reinforces that men are abusers, and there is no penalty for false claims.

dad4life 1 2,371
Preview Credit crunch raises divorce rate for Ameri…

One man was worried that his wife would leave him if she found out that his net worth had fallen from $20 million to $8 million!

matrix 1 5,400
Preview Is Britney Spears getting her kids back?

The thought of this is alarming as it sets an example for all the other family courts to follow.

mbrown 1 4,087
Preview (USA) Tim Russert and Fatherhood: A Father'…

"When my life is over, I know that the most important thing I'll be judged on is what kind of father I was."

matrix 1 3,451
Preview A Request for your Help Hot topic
MikeT 31 18,426
ocf_emoticons/cheeky Preview Fathers provide balance

Statistics out of a brochure composed by Dr Warren Farrell, here it clearly shows the importance of fathers involvements.

monaro 3 4,457
Preview Paternity Fraud: 'Presumption of paternity'…

The "presumption of paternity" trumps everything. This doctrine, with roots in English common law, assumes a husband is the legal father of any child born during his marriage.

dad4life 7 6,520
Preview FLA 1975 in relation to USA Maintenance ag… monteverdi 1 3,581
Preview The criminalisation of parents

The largest sector of semi-criminalised parents is the involuntarily divorced, from whom the government automatically and immediately seizes control of the children upon separation and the direction of one parent.

dad4life 1 3,456
Preview High Conlict Institute

an online guide that may assist those subject to high conflict

Artemis 1 3,396
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