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Preview Non lawyer review hearings SWAMBO 1 234
Preview Rise of the 'body clock divorce' as couple…

Rise of the 'body clock divorce' as couples fall out over children: One in ten break-ups now thought to involve a wife who believes her years of fertility are running out

Secretary SPCA 1 241
Preview UK takes up shared parenting in 2014 Guest 1 892
Preview Mothers who deny access to children after b…

UK Childrens minister announces Government is to rewrite the 1989 Children Act

Bruce Wayne 10 4,479
Preview Grandparents to get legal powers over acces… Calista 2 10,480
Preview Supreme Court Ruling Puts Children First In… Calista 1 2,797
Preview BBC documentary: "Who needs fathers?"

A new BBC series explores the reasons why fathers lose touch with their children post-separation.

matrix 2 7,053
Preview (Britain) A divorce deal that shames women

The High Court's award of a 215,000 divorce payout to a former wife - 25 years after the couple split - is a blow to those who believe that women are equal to men.

dad4life 1 2,806
Preview (Britain) Parents of twins 'more likely to…

Families with twins are more likely to split up with financial distress playing a major role in break-ups, a study has found.

matrix 1 2,515
Preview (Britain) Fatherless families are a new und…

Three generation extended families without men are creating a new underclass, says report

dad4life 1 2,614
Preview (Scotland) Joy Over City Backing For Grandp… Calista 2 2,940
Preview (Britain) Third of family break-up children…

Tens of thousands of children a year are losing contact with their fathers because of "failing" family court system and disastrous custody arrangements, a study has found.

matrix 1 2,934
Preview (Britain) Litigants in Person (LIPs) Closed

A Litigant in Person (LIP) is another term for a Self-Represented Litigant. Both represent themselves in court, rather than have a lawyer represent them.

matrix 1 3,278
Preview New British fathers' rights movement and we…

DadsUK: Exposing the corruption of Family Courts.

matrix 1 2,997
Preview (Britain) Mother stabbed daughters in their…

A mother stabbed her two teenage daughters to death in their beds in an attempt to destroy her former husband's life.

dad4life 1 3,047
Preview (Britain) Woman jailed for violent domestic…

Fiance - Michelle Williamson - stubbed cigs out on me, poured boiling water in my lap and held a steam iron on my arm. I never hit back

matrix 4 5,274
Preview Keeping father in Christmas

Singing Santas are working to keep the father in Christmas with a protest carols, with festive tunes such as "Deck the Judge for He is Biased".

dad4life 1 3,686
Preview (Britain) "You can't see your son - but can…

How social workers left one man with a terrible moral dilemma.

matrix 1 3,377
Preview Human Rights Abuses by Family Courts

Resolution to the European Parliament

Damocles 1 3,797
Preview Britain - Any advice regarding divorce MikeT 4 4,783
Preview UK suggestions for FR's and Experts No-Justice 1 3,566
Preview (Britain) Erin Pizzey: Radical feminist pla…

Under Ms Harman's scheme cold-blooded murder could be tolerated under British law for the first time, as long as the killer can convince a court SHE felt in long-term danger from HER partner.

Dads On The Air 1 4,578
Preview UK CSA Reforms - Parkinson influence - sus… greebo 5 5,045
Preview Scottish schools ban Father’s Day cards Hot topic

Fear of embarrassing children of single mothers or lesbians prompts move

dad4life 9 6,389
Preview (Britain) F4J: 'I will not be moved', vows…

Latest protest over the treatment of fathers in child custody battles in court and had unfurled a banner reading 'A father is for life, not just conception'.

matrix 1 3,477
Preview (Britain) Half a million lonely old men, th…

Divorce and family break-up has left millions of men without ties to their children and with few or no family links, said the charity Help the Aged.

dad4life 1 3,907
Preview (Britain) Mum doesn't live with us any more

In the six-day court hearing that followed, Margaret found to her dismay that “when it comes to custody battles, possession is nine tenths of the law.

matrix 2 4,055
Preview Fathers 4 Justice take complaints to judge'…

Angry dads have paid a visit to the Barnes home of a high court judge and claim they will continue until "fathers have justice".

dad4life 2 4,692
Preview McCartney - Mills Judgement Compendium

The wife's (Mills) behaviour has many similarities to that of many other wives, that goes unreported BUT REWARDED. The difference here is that this case/judgement has been recorded and reported.

matrix 2 4,722
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Preview Topic #8584 (no title) System 0 214 N/A
Preview Topic #8599 (no title)

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