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The International Creativity SUMMIT for Children~Parents~Families: an Expo of Experience & Expression

A community partnership initiative and celebration of Life+Love with "World Youth Day 2008", having an emphasis upon finding solutions to human problems limiting happiness and quality of life for the fulfilment of children, parents and families.
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ocf_emoticons/constipated Preview Richard Hillman Foundation asks News Ltd "W… Poll

The Richard Hillman foundation led by Mark Bourne has supported Michael Riddell's letter and is asking questions. If you believe that parents should have the right to bring up their children in the manner that see fit and according to their beliefs, exper

Michael Riddell 2 12,425
ocf_emoticons/cheeky Preview What is happening to our children??? The Me…

At last picked up by NEWS Group's Sydney flagship The Daily Telegraph with a full front page commitment yesterday on "behalf of all Children" whose lives are at risk.

Michael Riddell 3 5,260

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