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SSAT - Social Security Appeals Tribunal

The Tribunal is the first level of external review of decisions made by Centrelink about social security, family assistance, education or training payments. From 1 January 2007, the Tribunal will also be the first level of external review of most decisions made by the Child Support Agency.
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Preview AAT previous cases

AAT advice

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ocf_emoticons/cry Preview SSAT treatment ClosedHot topic

Exploitation by ex and life is difficult

Disgusting SSAT 11 766
ocf_emoticons/sad Preview AAT makes another sensible decision

The Child Support system needs a shake up, needs some common sense and to borrow a phrase, some social heart.

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Preview SSAT decision - how do you prove it when yo…

SSAT, CSA and the merry-go-round of uncertainty

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Preview Error of law petalz 3 1,417
Preview SSAT Annual report 2011-2012 Alessandro 3 956
Preview A Positively Surprising SSAT Outcome! Julco 17 3,524
Preview SSAT Decisions Julco 12 1,607
Preview SSAT Hearing this week! Julco 11 1,510
Preview SSAT and Allowable Business Expenses Julco 4 2,032
Preview Directions Hearing. Julco 3 1,666
Preview Statement of Financial Circumstances Julco 5 1,057
Preview Can a judge rule petalz 2 435
Preview Transferred assets Samai 7 1,757
Preview Aat - ssat - can a judge rule? petalz 1 558
Preview Appealing SSAT on an error of law sm10 7 5,609
ocf_emoticons/shocked Preview SSAT hearing for 2nd time

The SSAT hears a case, sets for 3 years, then hears again before 1 year later...

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ocf_emoticons/blush Preview Appealing SSAT Errors of Fact are errors at…

The only right of review of a decision of the SSAT is an appeal on a question of law to the courts Most significantly, such an appeal does not allow for a review on the merits. As a result, it is important for the Tribunal to provide appropriate reasons.

Secretary SPCA 3 2,146
Preview Self Support amount taylor 5 2,112
Preview Social Security Appeals Tribunal for re-hea… taylor 5 1,309
Preview ERROR OF LAW taylor 5 1,475
Preview STAY Order Pending SSAT Appeal

Reference to schedule of the Act under which application is made

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Preview A Successful SSAT application strategy

Seeking advice on what content is applicable

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Preview AAT fee sm10 4 1,467
ocf_emoticons/blush Preview SSAT and CSA

We did not recieve any response from the other party, are we supposed to?

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Preview Auscript Transcripts - SSAT Appeals


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ocf_emoticons/dry Preview Appeal from the SSAT is an appeal ONLY on a…

Appeal from decision of SSAT Tribunal found to have properly considered the relevant period for the departure application otherwise appeal found not to be an appeal on a question of law appeal dismissed.

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Preview DESTROYING DOCUMENTS Just not on 1 4,241
Preview First time to SSAT -what to expect? faith 2 1,273
Preview Compensation for Defective Administration s… ironzy12 5 4,082
Preview SSAT setting aside a very high percentage o…
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Preview SSAT decisions that can be appealed to the AAT Fairgo 1 2,090
Preview Changes to Pre-Hearings at SSAT

No longer mediated outcomes

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Preview SSAT likely outcome - no current overnight… Lamson 7 2,344
Preview Ex went against Court Orders thefrog 4 1,894
Preview Private school fees mutual intent
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Preview CSA, SSAT and disclosure of information to…

CSA, SSAT and disclosure of information to other parties contrary to

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Preview SSAT decision

set aside

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