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Shared Parenting Reactions

Children and parents on mass have been denied an equal or substantially equal relationship and parenting time together after separation or divorce - How is the judicial, administrative, beaurocratic and cultural denial of Equal Shared Parenting Time damaging our children and rendering a generation or more of children parentless, and fathers made childless. Mothers are being denied essential contact with their children as well. So called professional "experts" including psychologists, through their opinions and advocacy in Family Courts and Welfare Services are condemning children to a life without one parent . Parents' role and need to continue nurturing and raising their children is often ignored and denied by antiquated sole-parent-custody social models rooted in 1960's radical feminist ideologies that are antagonistic to men and fathers. Tell us your story and what harms are being perpetrated on your children and you, the Mums and Dads, and what are your direct experiences with the Family Courts, its practitioners and State agencies and their affect on your parenting time outcomes and health, well being and happiness of your children.
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Preview The Woozle Effect (McIntosh et al's grossly… MikeT 5 5,060
Preview Rights to children on weekends? fox83 2 3,364
ocf_emoticons/whistle Preview 21st century man is lost

There is a crisis in masculinity but, says Guy Mosel, the move to address it has no direction. It's a Monday night at the Parramatta City Library and a bald, bespectacled man is perched on a tiny red plastic stool in the young adult section

Secretary SPCA 1 2,107
ocf_emoticons/dry Preview Attacking fathers as a feminist tactic aime… Closed

Agitation for parenting reform has become a prominent feature of family law policy debates in recent years.

Craigo 3 13,719
ocf_emoticons/sarcy Preview Jennifer McIntosh will video lecture in Isr…

Israeli fathers rights activists question McIntosh input at event for CPS and custody workers.

yohananm 1 5,476
Preview Top 10 myths about Shared Parenting (Child…

A list of 10 Myths about Shared Parenting in Australia commonly peddled as truths which are shown to be distortions, falsehoods and outright lies.

dad4life 1 5,836
Preview Gov flags overhaul of family law

Is this a positive policy change?

adriana 3 3,540
Preview Compensation for childcare dispute re week…

Divorced Dad wins $5,000 compensation from an after-school care centre which refused to enrol his children every second week.

matrix 1 3,009
Preview Media hypes up violence by fathers bikedad 7 5,128
Preview Shared Ownership Mortgages garcia1.icon 2 3,055
Preview Shared Parenting Rollback: Fed Govt Reports… Closed

Informations about the reports released by the Attorney-General and the media reporting and responses to those reports.

dad4life 48 28,777
ocf_emoticons/confused Preview Shared Parenting Information & Dr Jennifer… Closed

Comments concerning Jennifer McIntosh's approach to shared parenting. Her research is beginning to find use on behalf of custodial parents who are seeking to avoid shared parenting outcomes. She is developing a niche market as an advocate against shared p

Guest 12 13,874
Preview No 50-50 split on time with parents - Whisl…

The Full Court of the Family Court says that "shared care" is NOT substantial and significant; it is the same as the pre-2006 template.

dad4life 16 9,110
Preview Shared Parenting laws bite the dust

New decision on the Internet

John Flanagan 9 6,434
Preview Videos on Shared Parenting (Britain)

Videos on Shaerd Parenting UK

Kip 1 2,733
Preview (Canada) Recent example of feminists seekin…

Feminists want mothers to be the parent of choice post-separation and able to exclude fathers on a whim. That is why they oppose separated fathers and shared parenting.

matrix 1 3,285
Preview Shared arrangements must be respected and r…

It is hard to believe that in the 21st century we would entertain reducing fathers' rights to help rear their children.

matrix 1 2,975
ocf_emoticons/shake Preview Shared care of children reviewed

Critics of the current law say it is creating a generation of "ping-pong" children who have to shuttle between both parents. "High-conflict families should not have shared care because the children end up going back and forth," the chairman of the Famil

AJ44 4 4,909
ocf_emoticons/blush Preview Anti-shared parenting article: 'Ping-pong'…

An article by Jill Singer. Several recent cases highlight the disaster the Howard government's patriarchal ideology foisted upon Australian families by introducing shared parenting laws in 1996.

AJ44 5 6,656
Preview (USA-Minnesota) Presumptive Joint Physical…

This paper considers the impact of a proposed bill, House File 1262, which sets forth a presumption of joint custody in divorce situations.

dad4life 1 4,677
Preview Lawyers attack shared parenting; say father…

Lawyers have criticised family law changes, saying they give parents a false belief they are entitled to 50-50 shared custody.

matrix 4 5,438
Preview Dads On The Air 25 November 2008 2GLF FM 89… Closed

Book: "Real Kids in an Unreal World: Building Resilience and Self Esteem in Today's Children" by Margaret Dent. Also White Ribbon Day biases and stereotyping.

Dads On The Air 1 3,866
Preview Dads on the Air 18 November 2008 2GLF 89.3F… Closed

Rites of Passage - Arne Rubenstein, Pathways Foundation - Ruedi Oswald

Dads On The Air 1 4,018
Preview Dads On The Air Tuesday 4 November 2008 2GL… Closed

A climate of belief

Dads On The Air 1 3,904
Preview Most divorced dads want more time with chil…

Three-quarters of divorced fathers want to have custody of their children for at least 50 per cent of the time.

dad4life 1 3,666
Preview Tales of the unexpected Hot topic MikeT 10 6,463
Preview Separation diminishes father's role - resea… Closed

For most children, separation of their parents will be marked by a considerable loss of contact with their non-resident parent, often the father.

dad4life 3 5,875
Preview Adelaide - Feminist Anti-Shared Parenting C… Closed
dad4life 24 29,828
Preview Discussion Paper - high conflict families

Why can't I just get on with my ex?

Artemis 1 5,615
ocf_emoticons/upsidedown Preview The danger of dealing with someone with Per…

an extract of a much longer paper

Artemis 1 4,884
Preview High Conflict

The game of self-interest

Artemis 1 6,121
Preview Me and You: A daughter remembers when her m…

A girl recalls everyday events in her family life, before her parents' separation, and reflects on the love and bonds of family.

dad4life 3 5,305
Preview Jayne's Story - Separation, Searching and R…

An account of a girl's separation for her father at only six weeks old and eventually being reunited with him 21 years later.

dad4life 2 4,193
Preview Woman pleads guilty to taking children / Si… verdad 3 5,095
Preview The Fatherless Civilisation

It is not just fathers and children who suffer from fatherlessness but whole cultures, societies and nations.

dad4life 1 3,077
Preview Topic #5590 (no title) System 0 1,035 N/A

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