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Shared Parenting Development

Seeking better outcomes for children - How can we promote and better inform the public, Federal and State Governments, Schools and Institutions of the vital need for Shared Parenting in Children's lives, in the best interests of children and Families
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ocf_emoticons/cry Preview School enrollment - day to day issues

Shared parenting sometimes leads issues that 'normal' families or single parents don't encounter. - School enrolment forms

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ocf_emoticons/blush Preview Convincing the 'Australian System' - Jen Mc…

I joined this Forum to learn what other father's in similar situations are doing to prevent this injustice to our children. I read with interest the article posted previously about the work of Dr Warren Farrell and watched the 'powerful video'

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Preview Family Report Examples

Examples of Family Reports with all identifying details changed so that the parties are anonymous.

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Preview Separated dads need more support

Fathers often acquire the status of second-class parents after a split.

dad4life 2 4,588
Preview Co-Parenting 101: Begin With Respect Closed

It is essential to create a working relationship focused on the optimum care and concern for your children.

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Preview Dr Jennifer McIntosh 14 minute audio

A link to an appearance on Radio National by Dr McIntosh.

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Preview Insisting parent moves into accomdation wit… Mumof3yearold 14 7,882
ocf_emoticons/cool Preview UK VIDEO - High Conflict Research and Share…

Kingsley Miller is the author of 'even Toddlers Need Fathers', a critique of the principle of 'Maternal Deprivation' as applied in family courts, which Professor Sir Michael Rutter described as an, 'interesting and informative guide'

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Preview Equal Parent's Week

Children's Rights Council and Equal Parent's Week

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Preview Devising a parenting plan - Parent moving i… HubbyPays 4 6,681
ocf_emoticons/hand Preview Shared Parenting Trends

Family Court Data - Review by Shared Parenting Council Policy Adviser, Jim Carter

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Preview Shared parenting: the answer to McIntosh an…

I love my son with the profound love that just about any parent feels for a child, but the greatest example that I have of that love is my decision to share his time equally with his father.

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Preview (Not so) Recent Developments in Shared Pare…

A Personal View From the Court by Justice Alwynne Rowlands AO, delivered at The 14th Annual Family Law Masterclass Conference, Sydney, 10 May 2005.

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Preview What Good are Dads?

This summary of the literature on fathers takes an unashamedly positive look at the contributions that men make to families.

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Preview Ideas for Contact Arrangements

A number of ideas for contact arrangements after separation.

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Preview Attack on shared parenting using advocacy '… Hot topic

Dr Jen McIntosh's 'research' seeks to strategise 'conflict' as another tactic in the fight to diminish shared parenting and thus stop fathers being parents.

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Preview Parenting Orders

What is a Parenting Order, its obligations, consequences and who can help you?

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Preview Parenting Orders – What the Court Consider…

The court presumes that it is in the best interests of the children for parents to have ‘equal shared parental responsibility’.

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Preview Who Opposes Shared Parenting ?

Shared Parenting on the Move in West Virginia, USA

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Preview Why two parents are important

These statistics point to the suffering of our children associated with the lack of two parents.

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ocf_emoticons/dry Preview What Stops Men From Having Shared Care? Poll

What are the issues which are barriers to men assuming shared care after divorce?

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Preview Pros and Cons of Shared Parenting (Legislat… Hot topic

Shared parenting refers to joint physical custody, where both parents share approximately equal parenting time and are equally recognized by the law as the legal guardians of their children.

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Preview Making Joint Custody Work

Five Keys to Succeeding at Joint Custody

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Preview Shared Parenting Resources

Resources and ideas for people contemplating or working towards a post-separation shared parenting agreement or court orders.

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Preview Elements to Consider in a Parenting Plan: S… Hot topic dad4life 8 7,033
Preview New Traditions Ease Kids' Pain In Divorce

Small rituals can become valued traditions that can bind a separated family with threads of shared pleasure.

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ocf_emoticons/shutup Preview Contact with the Ex when Shared Parenting

Emails, Phone calls and Communication Books

Artemis 11 7,331
Preview Avoiding Parenting Plan Mistakes

An overview of ten common mistakes to avoid when developing a parenting plan.

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Preview A look at different custody arrangements dad4life 5 9,927

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