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Shared Parenting Plans

A shared Parenting Plan or Parenting Agreement sets out the practical schedules and care arrangements for children so that parents can share time with their children more equally and share the care and nurture of their children most effectively. What does a Shared Parenting Plan, Agreement or Schedule look like? We look at example (model) parenting plans and your feedback on what works for you and your children, balancing times and responsibilities and lessons learned to benefit parents wanting to share parent their children.
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ocf_emoticons/sad Preview Help on writing a parenting plan

Looking for help on how to write a parenting plan for my 2 young kids that involves their father with a drug problem

I_J2603 5 3,750
ocf_emoticons/cheeky Preview Survey on Parenting Plans

DiDDS have developed a survey via the Survey Monkey tool seeking input from Members and the broader community.

Secretary SPCA 1 1,963
Preview My notes Istvan1985 2 1,471
Preview Larkins Parenting Plan (Example, Australia,…

Short sample parenting plan for two young children.

dad4life 2 12,924
Preview Parenting Plan timings Poll

Understanding the care timings with children and holidays

Brickiesmate 7 4,127
Preview MEDIATION PROCESS - Court Ordered Fluffs 10 3,050
Preview Draft Parenting Plan - Justice Holden Templ… Namaste 4 15,428
Preview Parenting Plan Issues and Guidelines Closed

Several worthwhile points to consider after separation and developing a parenting plan/orders.

dad4life 1 9,216
Preview Equal Shared Parenting Orders - Trinder & C… Closed

Equal shared parenting orders judgment.

dad4life 1 7,045
Preview Favaro Parenting Schedule Model Closed

Planning for separated parenting

dad4life 1 7,554
Preview Considerations when developing a parenting… Closed dad4life 1 6,882
Preview Is shared parenting suitable for your family ? Closed dad4life 1 5,207
Preview Parenting Plan Guidelines (Orange County, C… Closed

This booklet was written to help separated and divorced parents develop child focused and realistic custody, residence and contact parenting plans.

dad4life 1 6,835
Preview Shared Parenting Plan Agreement Considerations Closed

Considerations, principles and outlines for planning and drafting Parenting Plans (and Orders).

dad4life 1 7,636
Preview FLA s63C: Meaning of parenting plan and rel… Closed

Legislation relating to parenting plans.

dad4life 3 6,489
Preview Parenting plan models: Ideas and examples Closed

Practical resources for separating families

dad4life 2 25,197
Preview Model Parenting Plan (Georgia, USA, 2008) Closed

In all cases involving permanent custody or custody modification (except when a parent seeks emergency relief for family violence), each parent shall prepare a parenting plan, or the parties may jointly submit a parenting plan.

dad4life 5 8,648
Preview Parenting Plans (FRC Guide) Closed dad4life 1 10,986
Preview Mullens Plan (Example, Australia, NSW 1997) Closed dad4life 1 7,489
Preview Anderson Plan (Example, Australia, 2007) Closed

A parenting plan put together for a young child, with a view to allowing for increasing contact as the child ages.

dad4life 1 9,309
Preview Mary's Plan (Shared Parenting Plan Sample,… Closed

This parenting plan has worked successfully for the past 11 years.

dad4life 6 10,559
Preview Kennedy Plan (Example, Australia, 2006) Closed

This is a bare bones parenting plan example that covers issues to consider and provides a guide to layout when writing your own.

dad4life 1 7,748
Preview Topic #8691 (no title) System 0 258 N/A

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