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Shared Parenting Benefits

Shared Parenting  - Here as loving parents we explore and share our lived experiences of Shared Parenting, also called Equal Parenting, Equally Shared Parenting, Joint Parenting , co-parenting or balanced parenting.
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Preview Proposed Tri-Residence House For Improving… Istvan1985 1 3,245
Preview Shared Parenting not detrimental to kids -…


Kip 1 10,162
Preview Benefits of post-divorce shared parenting a…

Comprehensive argument for equal shared parenting, along with a good bibliography in support.

dad4life 4 7,367
Preview Shared Physical Custody References

A list of research references re shared custody.

dad4life 1 4,022
Preview Resource: even Toddlers Need Fathers

Helping fathers sustain a parental relationship with their child or children through the family courts.

dad4life 1 3,905
Preview Studies Supporting Shared Parenting monaro 1 4,070
Preview (Canada) Children harmed by sole custody, r…

Family court judges are misguidedly harming children by granting sole custody to one parent usually the mother in bitter divorce battles, says a comprehensive new report.

matrix 1 3,547
Preview Shared Parenting: Child Custody, Access, an…

Shared Parenting paper: "Child Custody, Access, and Parental Responsibility: The Search for a Just and Equitable Standard" (Edward Kruk)

dad4life 1 12,323
Preview Can Equal Shared Parenting work where there… Valonas 7 7,320
Preview Three decades later, dad and daughter refle…

It's evident from the emotion in this conversation that she and her dad are close. Brom is successful in her life as a wife, nurse and mother.

dad4life 1 5,016
Preview Shared Parenting: How I divide my life betw…

I believe that I am a significantly more stable person because I get to see both my mom and dad so frequently.

dad4life 2 5,315
Preview The sins of the mothers Closed

"Fathers still have a significant effect on the development of their kids' patterns of thinking."

dad4life 1 3,877
Preview Shared Parenting Post Separation or Divorce

This paper explores child care arrangements which occur post divorce or separation in Britain.

dad4life 1 3,932
Preview McIntosh Rebuttal help srldad101 9 7,987
ocf_emoticons/kiss Preview ABC 7:30 Report Tuesday 3th June 2008 - Top…

JO SNIBSON: They see their parents in conflict all the time and that's what's happened with the shared care. I'm in a constantly in a situation where I have to be in contact with someone that I really don't want to be in contact with.

4mydaughter 55 31,840
ocf_emoticons/drool Preview Jill Burrett and Michael Greene about share…

There was an article on the site earlier tonight, by Jill Burrett and Michael Greene about the incorrect conclusions drawn from research into problems with shared care situations. Now I cant find it

Secretary SPCA 1 6,651
Preview Children's talk

Like music to the ear

monteverdi 9 7,428
Preview Shared Parenting: Facts and Fiction

ACFC brochure, written by Dr Linda Nielsen, which outlines some benefits of shared parenting

dad4life 1 6,427
Preview Cooperative Shared Parenting

Share the care

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Preview It's my divorce too ! - Discuss the Sunday…

According to 2006 figures from the Australian Bureau of Statistics, about half the 50,000 Australian divorces annually involve children – a figure that doesn't include de facto relationships. Yet their voices are rarely heard.

Secretary SPCA 6 8,296
Preview Children Likely to be Better Adjusted in Jo…

Children needd to spend substantial time with both parents, especially with their fathers.

matrix 13 9,914
Preview Fun but inexpensive activities

encouraging kids to enjoy time with the "spends time with"

Artemis 6 5,705
Preview Parents Sometimes have Unrealistic Views of…

Discussion about equal and other shared parenting.

dad4life 9 6,812
Preview Shared Parenting Criticised - Is this the…

Divorce industry practitioners criticise shared parenting and reveal their anti-father bias.

dad4life 16 10,279

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