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Separated Parents (Health) Issues

Information and discussion about health related matters facing separated parents
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ocf_emoticons/thumbs Preview Care for Your Self

Choose to self nurture to create a happy and fulfilling life

Sage 3 11,768
Preview Playing Chess

The benefits to mental health

ds80 2 7,537
Preview Distraught Father's Courthouse Suicide High…

According to the National Institute of Mental Health, males commit suicide four times as often as females do, and have higher suicide rates in every age group.

matrix 1 3,299
Preview A Parent Once Again! What Now? Paddy 3 5,662
Preview 45 and Up Study

A NSW Initiative for reaearch into the health of Older people

MikeT 1 3,471
Preview The ABC Model of Thinking and Feeling (abou… MikeT 1 4,349
ocf_emoticons/puppyeyes Preview Rudd Government Men's Health Initiatives ClosedHot topic

The Rudd Government will develop Australia's first national men's health policy- recognising men have poorer health than women, are likely to die earlier and are at greater risk of suicide.

BriarRose 62 32,191
ocf_emoticons/cry Preview Suicide rates spark calls for men's health…

Five Australian men commit suicide each day compared to just one woman, according to an academic who says the nation urgently needs a national men's health policy.

dad4life 39 22,695
ocf_emoticons/dry Preview Mental Illness and Family Law

This scoping study examined the family law system and how well it responds to people who have mental health issues. A range of materials were collected from various sources that dealt with family separation (personal communication with services, organisat

monaro 1 4,777
Preview Men don't delegate their health to Women !

Time to hit this idea on the head

livy 4 4,792
Preview Fathers and the Experience of Family Separa…

First National Conference on Mental Health of Persons Affected by Family Separation (2002).

dad4life 1 7,652
ocf_emoticons/blush Preview Mental Health and Family Law - A Question o…

Federal Magistrate Judy Ryan wrote this paper in 2006. It is widely accepted that separation and divorce rank among life's most traumatic experiences and for adults there are increased rates of depression, substance abuse, suicidal behaviour and anxiety.

monteverdi 1 4,734
ocf_emoticons/cheeky Preview Mens Health policy - Bipartisan support for…

MEDIA RELEASE Fatherhood Foundation - Thursday 20th March 2008

Secretary SPCA 2 3,940
ocf_emoticons/wink Preview Mens Health Policy - The six point plan

Positive outcomes from the conference through a six point plan.

Secretary SPCA 1 3,911
ocf_emoticons/constipated Preview The menace of the "Black Dog"

There are big differences with "little d" depression and "big D" depression.

Shafeeq 3 4,841
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