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Self Represented Litigants - SRL's (Read Only)

This is a READ ONLY forum for those wishing to, or that have to represent themselves in either the Family Court of Australia or the Federal Circuit Court or may be minimising their costs by using unbundled legal services.
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Preview Essential Reading Agog 2 1,185

Another 'must read' for SRLs as it again details the pitfalls.

Agog 1 599
Preview Final Hearing FMC Court Childrens Matters

Want to find to find out a bit more about the processes on the day of the Final Hearing

My daughters 2 2,004
Preview Evidence and Advocacy in the Family Court

Being aware and prepared, not surprised by rulings in relation to evidence is meaningful.

verdad 1 987
Preview SRL: Planning your case oneadadc 3 1,069
Preview Digesting and Addressing the Family Report Sunk oneadadc 3 14,589
Preview Before You Start Self Representing Sunk SRL-Resources 1 8,834
Preview A day in the Life of an SRL-R Exec Sunk oneadadc 11 1,775
ocf_emoticons/rolleyes Preview Time to Move on? Sunk

The new Famly Law Act has made a difference and it is a brighter time with much optimism

oneadadc 8 2,070
ocf_emoticons/cry Preview Can't find the ex? - LOCATION ORDERS & COMM… Sunk

Details from the Family Law Act (amended)

oneadadc 1 989
ocf_emoticons/hand Preview Court Demands RESPECT or "leave your soapbo… Sunk

Must read post for those self representing people

oneadadc 7 1,823
ocf_emoticons/blink Preview Equal Time The 50/50 Question Sunk

Think First !

Agog 6 1,577
ocf_emoticons/whistle Preview Portal (This site) membership is not enough… Sunk

I absolutely endorse the Moderator view that you must start by reading the copius material on the site and in particular the public material in the SRL-R community site. Often many questions will be answered saving valuable time in tying up key resources

OneRingRules 1 834
ocf_emoticons/nod Preview ATTITUDE or "to be or not to be" an involve… Sunk

The outcome you achieve will be largely dependant on the effort you are willing to put in!

oneadadc 2 987

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