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This area is for questions and discussion of all Property matters in the Family Court and Federal Magistrates Court. If you are asking a question check the web guide and other forums because your question may already have been answered.
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ocf_emoticons/confused Preview Star Aussie faces jail after fleeing countr…

The Family Court in Melbourne issued an arrest warrant for "Mr Nhan" -- a court given pseudonym -- for defying its orders and leaving "Ms Okien" facing the prospect of not getting a cent.

Secretary SPCA 2 153
Preview F13 - Your Financial Statement

Relates to section 79 FLA 1975

monteverdi 11 1,810
Preview Multiple "Initial" Contributions, case deci… wed 5 1,519
Preview Family Law textbook list and online resourc…

List of books and IntelliConnect

wed 1 305
Preview Do I have to sell the house??

Property Settlement

Jcav67 5 585
ocf_emoticons/thumbs Preview How the Courts Divide Property in Divorce P…

A step by step guide on how Courts divide property in divorce/separation proceedings

claudia 1 503
Preview Financial Seperation Question

Is there a statue of limitations on when my x can make a claim against my house and super

necroyp 4 564
ocf_emoticons/dry Preview Woman banned from her property

CCH news item in latest December Issue 205

Secretary SPCA 4 871
Preview Property Settlement Help damo34 6 3,458
Preview Self representation at conciliation conference

Advice? Dos and donts? Help!

santmia 4 1,650
Preview Minutes of Consent

How to write it correctly..

Whizzfiz 8 6,711
Preview Meaning of these legal terms Mon 1 2,710
Preview Small asset pool Mon 4 3,147
Preview De facto property settlement Rosey 4 4,346
Preview Property Settlement Namaste 3 3,553
Preview short marriage with unequal contribs whynot 2 3,820
Preview Stamp Duty Exemption for separated couple /… Innerwestcat 1 3,990
ocf_emoticons/angry Preview What if I cannot file by date in interim or… melbournedad 3 3,817
Preview Superannuation question??? wowo 9 3,946
Preview I did it!! Self Represented Litigant Rosey 3 4,178
Preview Property settlement mq 6 4,625
Preview House valuation sort-it 6 5,404
Preview Property Advice andosangels 1 3,439
ocf_emoticons/blush Preview Property settlement where property has nega…

My ex has recently left leaving me with the kids and a house which is in joint tenants as is the mortgage.

Guest 3 3,446
Preview Property settlement with no children Rosey 4 3,766
Preview Future need

Property setllement & future need

sort-it 2 2,971
Preview Property settlement advice please

separated for 6 months , 3 children, ex husband refusing to leave the house i own

mishou 3 3,772
Preview Paper on preparing and presenting a propert… BusyBee2009 1 3,856
Preview Property settlement and prior assets Dominik 7 5,468
Preview Research paper on percentage split of assets BusyBee2009 2 3,049
Preview The Law of Who Gets What When A Marriage Fa…

Authoritative Full Court guidelines discussed in Moore & Moore [2008] FamCA 32

verdad 5 4,476
Preview Court Day today Jadzia 1 2,796
Preview Double Dip - Spousal Maintenance following…

Spousal Maintenance Claim - Following Property Settlement

Wedgetail 2 3,049
Preview Amending final orders Ozzie 4 2,927
Preview Refusal to settle
Jadzia 21 5,658
Preview Court orders $2m to husband from $66m divor…

Cook & Langford (2008) FLC 93-374

verdad 1 2,693
Preview Beneficial versus Legal Ownership

Statement of Claim - Anyone have examples???

Dads_R_Tops 1 2,578
Preview Solicitors, professionals?, whose best inte…

X = 75%, my solicitor = 16%, I get 9%

ptd 3 1,107
Preview Financial settlement query kizzy 3 834
Preview How to start ? srldad101 6 1,499

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