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Self Represented Litigants - SRL's

SRL-Resources is a non political and non gender support organisation for those wishing or that have to represent themselves in either the Family Court of Australia or the Federal Circuit Court of Australia or may be minimising their costs by using unbundled legal services. SRL-R help with Children's Matters in the FCoA and FCC (Not CSA, DVOs or Local Courts unless the issue is 'Contact') This forum is for those who are going through the courts as self represented and want to discuss any issues relating to process, procedures and the documentation required. There are closed and member only forums associated to the SRL forum which will be hidden unless you have appropriate access by joining SRL-R.

Family Law in Australia

The forums in this category are devoted to discussing family law matters and the situation relating to family law legislation in various courts and relationship centres around Australia. Some groups may have specific organisational security and membership may not be open in all forums within this category. Some forums will be by invitation and some by subscription only where authentication is required and additional member securities and privileges are in place

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No new posts Childrens Matters

This area is for questions and discussion of all childrens matters in the Family Court and Federal Magistrates Court. If you are asking a question check the web guide and other forums because your question may already have been answered.

14 51
No new posts Property

This area is for questions and discussion of all Property matters in the Family Court and Federal Magistrates Court. If you are asking a question check the web guide and other forums because your question may already have been answered.

72 343
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Preview Contravention Application - should the affi…

Should my contravention application affidavit include the orders for makeup time and bond?

Mistro 5 224
Preview Application?

What to file

jaspervine 10 593
ocf_emoticons/devil Preview Procedural Questions Closed

A question not related to mediation in Australia

Potato_head 3 257
Preview How to agree with OP's New Final Orders bef… Hot topic Mumvity 12 415
Preview Can I cross-examine ICL at trial. Hot topic srldad101 8 626
Preview Potential to submit another affidavit? Need… Mumvity 9 600
Preview Affidavit Question Mumvity 4 220
Preview Self Representation - Submitting The Correc… Mumvity 8 455
Preview Why you should read judgements (equal time… SWAMBO 3 286
Preview "The little people in family disputes suf…

Eternal Maternal Prison

jaspervine 11 833
Preview Duty list hearing Patronus 9 894
Preview Looking for direction

Incompetence of VLA

jaspervine 2 268
Preview Invasion of privacy, iphone jaspervine 18 903
Preview Self-Represented Litigants - Tackling the C… SWAMBO 7 504
Preview Disclosure

The other parties refuses disclosure requests. What next?

srldad101 7 586
Preview Opposing Counsel communication with Chambers srldad101 6 582
Preview Trial in 1 month

Advice Please - I'm at a loss of how to represent myself in the final hearing.

jaspervine 5 599
Preview Questions about video evidence and interim…

video evidence, abuse allegations, interim orders

Lucy2015 4 320
Preview Procedural Hearing Orion 8 1,033
Preview Contravention Response Procedure

When do I file my affidavit?

GoodDad2 1 338
Preview Cases to support equal time and opening add… Adeliade1980 4 531
Preview Affidavit in support of Contravention Appli… MEJ 5 1,139
Preview Help finding Byrne and Byrne PAX 10 1,886
Preview Deitrich to support a McKenzie Friend argum… SammiSez 5 738
Preview File and serve order Marvin 5 549
Preview Lawyers Harrassment

Other sides legal aid lawyer

SANDJ 2 487
Preview Any advice on a way forward on these consen…

Option when legal aid wont represent you because you earn a wage more then 450$ per week!!!

halo_dad 6 1,088
Preview Outcome of my final hearing

Shared care, significant and substantial care, false allegations.

Isys 9 2,696
Preview Amending final orders.

Child support

petalz 1 679
Preview Is this sub-forum public Lucy5 3 799
Preview Parenting orders and the road ahead - negot… stepvillain 1 836
Preview Contravention Application 4mydaughter 1 780
Preview Parental alienation

Children being unfairly withheld

DevotedDaddy 3 1,038
Preview Consent orders from 1 to 18 years old, Is t… DadOfAPrincess 5 1,869
Preview Finally it's over! Outcome of trial. Pebbs 2 1,240
Preview SRL or Barrister...that is the question Pebbs 6 1,237
Preview Written Submission for hearing decided on p…

Does anyone have a written submission from their lawyer

enrico2000 1 593
Preview Advice please fury30 3 1,025
Preview Need assistance with pending appeal? Alessandro 5 601
ocf_emoticons/dry Preview Family Report - other party does not attend

Can anyone please advise me what happens if the court has ordered a family report to occur prior to the next court date but one of the parties does not agree to attend or make themselves available to attend.

larissap 3 938

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