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Resolving daily conflicts after the dust settles for the benefits of the child

Conflict often continues after all the legal affairs have been completed. Children need to be supported and loved by both parents and not become the battle ground of parental unfinished emotional business. It is time to move the separated family to collaborative and constructive communications; this often means you need to learn skills of problem solving, effective communication and anger management.
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Preview Passports GoodDad 10 5,632
Preview Dealing with the ex

How to stop the vitriol

GoodDad 15 7,300
Preview Best way to notify ex-partner

Having difficulty in getting ex-partner to acknowledge registered mail.

brotherinlaw 2 8,444
Preview Getting the court's permission to take kids…

What is involved in asking the court's permission to take kids overseas for a short holiday? And to

Mum2G 16 4,146
Preview Urgent help Needed - wanting to travel over… kiwikazza 5 3,065
ocf_emoticons/sarcy Preview Dealing with the ex wife Closed
Secondwife 22 3,523
ocf_emoticons/wub Preview Starting to Understand Emotions - Topic 1

What do emotions really tell us and how can we start to let intensely charged sitations go naturally!

Sage 12 1,839
ocf_emoticons/shake Preview Emotions and Using Children as Weapons - Pa…

Part 2 - Concentrate on two styles when they are not operating well - Responsible and the Achiever

Sage 13 3,850
ocf_emoticons/puppyeyes Preview Resolving the Conflict

The legal matters have finished, now the ongoing shared parenting communication and conflict resolving needs to develop for the sake of the children. Can you move forward?

Sage 40 4,991
ocf_emoticons/thumbs Preview Negotiation Skills

How well do you negotiate? Can you learn to improve your communication skills and style?

Sage 9 1,491
ocf_emoticons/kiss Preview Emotions and Using Children as Weapons - Pa…

Parents often do not mean to use children as weapons but do so becasue of their own unresolved emotional history.

Sage 9 1,843
ocf_emoticons/puppyeyes Preview Managing emotions after the dust has settled

High emotions can be ongoing after all the legal matters are finished so learning to manage your emotions becomes very important to allow you to move on.

Sage 12 1,404
ocf_emoticons/rolleyes Preview Speaking in an Assertive Manner so you can…

After the dust has settled the emotions can still be high for many years; so how can you improve your communicaiton?

Sage 17 1,508
Preview Mapping as a Conflict Resolution Strategy

A practical strategy to use to try to understand a problem or issue; can be used as preparation to a communication or with the people involved.

Sage 1 715
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