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RESEARCH - Discussion and analysis

There is much reasearch from notable authorities in the field of Family Law, Child Support  and Parenting issues. Much of this research is flaky or contraversial. The research often determines the outcomes of judicial decisions that affects the lives of children and parents. This forum discusses a range of research. Credit or Disagree?
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ocf_emoticons/blink Preview Overlooked Victims of Domestic Violence: Men

Forty years of research has documented the sometimes severe intimate partner violence (IPV) men can sustain from their female partners, yet research into these men's experiences has remained largely stagnant

DrJohn 3 694
ocf_emoticons/dry Preview The Shared Parenting Myth - a Dissenting po…

There continues to be a growing trend toward shared parenting time arrangements throughout the United States and New Jersey is no different.

DrJohn 16 812
ocf_emoticons/sad Preview FULL REPORT RELEASED: Independent Study of…

The findings of the Family Law Express Independent Children's Lawyer (ICL) study entitled "Neither Seen Nor Heard: Australia's Child Protection Conundrum".

Isys 5 657
Preview AIFS Report on ICL performance 2013 srldad101 3 315
Preview The Lived Experiences of Non-custodial Pare…

Edward Kruk - Abstract A key finding is that both parents experience the harmful effects of existing child custody law and policy, and speak strongly to the need for child custody law reform in the direction of a joint physical custody presumption.

DrJohn 1 298
ocf_emoticons/wub Preview The Family Law Act and the UN Convention on…

This article is part of our a July focus on the rights of children and youth. By Patrick Parkinson see notes for full IP acknowledgement

OneRingRules 1 287
ocf_emoticons/dry Preview Domestic Violence - The Wrong Solution, for…

A thoughtful paper published by Christoper Smith

Secretary SPCA 2 476
ocf_emoticons/shocked Preview Warshak's Ten Fallacies about Parental Alie…

Warshak says One of the primary excuses alienating parents give for allowing alienated children to avoid contact with the targeted parent is that the child doesn't wish to see the parent.

Secretary SPCA 1 908
ocf_emoticons/blush Preview Dr Jennifer McIntosh and Dr John Bowlby - T…

Family Law SECOND LETTER to Attorney-General Re Dr Jennifer McIntosh and Dr John Bowlby - The debate

Kip 81 25,690
ocf_emoticons/cheeky Preview Federal Election - 14 September 2013

Request for Candidates and/or Volunteers for the Non-Custodial Parents Party (Equal Parenting).

John Flanagan 2 862
Preview Same-sex marriage; the real cost

This article is for those people who feel mostly indifferent about the topic

Fairgo 27 6,914
Preview Linear regression modelling as applied by D…


Kip 21 3,399
Preview Research term / Family court meaning


Kip 28 8,543
Preview Amount of CS people pay
Istvan1985 48 6,768
ocf_emoticons/dry Preview Emerging financial crisis for governments a…

This article examines the emerging financial crisis for governments around the western world arising from the growing fragility of family life and the increase in births to mothers without a partner living in the home.

Secretary SPCA 5 1,676
Preview Same-sex marriage- It is only a matter of t… Istvan1985 1 1,057
ocf_emoticons/cheeky Preview Food for thought - Theorists

An intellectual discussion on the theory of law and related theorist

fjb61 4 1,504
Preview Dr McIntosh - UPDATE! Closed


Kip 41 7,175
ocf_emoticons/blush Preview Transforming a flawed AG policy

A call to revive psychology and science in domestic violence research and practice Donald G. Dutton⁎, Kenneth Corvo

Secretary SPCA 1 1,884
Preview Parental Alienation in the US, Wake Up Aust… KazScorpio 2 1,556
Preview Dr Jennifer McIntosh and the Bowlby / Ainsw…

Family Law

Kip 2 1,745
Preview The rise and rise of Jennifer McIntosh PhD… Closed Kip 3 1,549
ocf_emoticons/devil Preview Are the wheels coming off Jenn McIntosh PhD… Closed

Article - PART ONE and PART TWO

Kip 5 2,184
Preview The Science of Fatherhood: Why Dads Matter

Research shows fathers' involvement in thehir kids' lives is just as important as Mums'.

Craigo 1 1,504
Preview National Families Week - excludes Fathers srldad101 1 1,657
Preview Parents are happier - especially fathers Craigo 3 1,858
Preview Top 10 RESEARCH Myths about Shared Parentin…
Kip 47 15,297
Preview Government creating a fatherless society" -… ClosedHot topic srldad101 115 28,426
Preview We cant afford the price of smashed families

Andrew Bolt finally wakes up - comments please

srldad101 14 4,485
Preview It takes two to raise a child
srldad101 35 8,487
ocf_emoticons/cheeky Preview Professor Nicholas Bala

Sydney University Distinguisghed Speakers Program 2012

repartnered_mum 6 2,476
Preview Is 'assessment' the key to understanding at… Hot topic


Kip 9 2,620
Preview The Attachment Theory and 'Maternal Depriva…


Kip 1 2,186
Preview Babies and Toddlers RESEARCH


Kip 4 2,547
Preview "THE PLAN" to End Civil Rights in Australia srldad101 14 6,671
Preview Professor Alan Sroufe and Shared Parenting… Poll


Kip 1 1,730
Preview Federal Magistrates checklist for young chi…

Parenting arrangements for the 0-4 year age group, Checklist of questions, Legal Aid NSW Family Law Conference, Sydney, August 2011

Secretary SPCA 2 1,872
Preview McIntosh/Australian Association for Infant…

Separated parents should not share custody of babies or toddlers ...

srldad101 17 10,455

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