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RELOCATION Personal Cases

Your own circumstances/case if you have been affected by relocation orders or circumstances
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Preview Ex Attempting to relocate help.worried 6 1,325
Preview International relocation- temporary Scribe17 11 5,121
Preview Parent wanting to relocated over seas blahish 4 3,542
Preview Why Relocate
imadad 39 20,322
Preview Relocation of child Valian 5 5,487
ocf_emoticons/upsidedown Preview Is a relocation in progress? - what to do?

I know she has had the house on the market for some time but the kids reassured me that they were not leaving the area, I'm starting to think that this is what they were told so I would not start any action over it, she has been very nice since ex-mas

imadad 8 4,965
ocf_emoticons/dry Preview Stable home required for these children

Mother moved 16 times in 10 years, the children had 10-13 school changes. Member went to court prior to 14th move for relocation orders because enough was enough. Needs some comemntary about a range of relocation issues

KM 3 3,362

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