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RELOCATION issues, Parental Alienation, Child Abduction, International Child Abduction

Matters relating to relocation, parental alienation, abduction and matters relating the Hague Convention on the Civil Aspects of Child Abduction and relocation overseas. International Family Law Legislation and Countries practices in relation to the return of abducted children.

Family Law in Australia

The forums in this category are devoted to discussing family law matters and the situation relating to family law legislation in various courts and relationship centres around Australia. Some groups may have specific organisational security and membership may not be open in all forums within this category. Some forums will be by invitation and some by subscription only where authentication is required and additional member securities and privileges are in place

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No new posts RELOCATION Personal Cases

Your own circumstances/case if you have been affected by relocation orders or circumstances

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ocf_emoticons/sarcy Preview PAS Vs Parental "Enstrangement"

Can I use the argument that because of Parental alienation, the children now feels enstrange???

Dads_R_Tops 4 3,744
Preview NSW girl to be reunited with Dad in NZ monaro 3 3,617
Preview Letter to Child Psychologist regarding PAS…
greebo 25 15,158
ocf_emoticons/blink Preview Father's Desperate Search for Son Abducted… Closed

Vyv Rodnight has put his life on hold while he searches from Lismore to Maleny in Queensland to find his six-year-old son, Sylvan.

dad4life 49 31,063
ocf_emoticons/nerd Preview Snatched Girl Reunited with Mother

Additional news items related to the topic first posted in the New Zealand forums

Agog 1 3,776
ocf_emoticons/nerd Preview Delayed applications less likely to succeed

Application under the Hague Convention by father for summary return to France of his two children. Application dismissed.

dad4life 1 3,558
ocf_emoticons/shutup Preview Solicitor Tries Blackmail - Parental Aliena…

The post offers credible evidence of a Solicitor attempting to use blackmail to further his clients financial benefit from a property settlement ...

Aussie 1 3,888
ocf_emoticons/nerd Preview PAS Fact Sheet from the Family Court of Aus… Hot topic

Most school-aged children, although pained by loyalty conflicts and at times angry and upset with their parents are eager for contact with both parents and want to maintain a relationship with both. By contrast, a small number of children express negative

Agog 31 19,407
Preview Tricks of Justice Steele & the Family Court…

The Family Court as an organisation exhibits many of the psychological characteristics of a successful political dictator.

dad4life 3 6,999
ocf_emoticons/dry Preview Fighting Parental Alienation in Australian…

Parental Alienation is simply the act of a parent in trying to alienate the other parent where as PAS describes the negative effects that PA has had on the children as a syndrome, and it is only then that they are suffering from Parental Alienation Syndro

Aussie 1 4,260
Preview Recognizing Parental Alienation as a form o… RobDuff 2 3,807
Preview "Parental kidnapping season": Article blame…

Unnamed separated fathers groups are being attacked for alledgedly encouraging fathers to abduct their children overseas (over the Christmas period).

dad4life 11 7,203
Preview Family face jail in $1m overseas kidnap and…

What NOT to do: International child abduction and extortion attempt.

dad4life 1 4,781
ocf_emoticons/cry Preview Aunty Brainwashed on Parental Alienation

Bettina rebutts the scandalous propoganda program, ABC Radio National BACKGROUND BRIEFING

Director 6 6,776
Preview Copy of Letter to Suicide Prevention Australia RobDuff 1 3,242
ocf_emoticons/shocked Preview Parental Alienation (ABC Radio National - B…

Parental alienation exposed by the ABC

Director 1 4,071
ocf_emoticons/sad Preview Transcript: The Jayden Headley case in the…

The Family Court last night took the unusual step of releasing judgments made in the custody battle over Jayden Headley, because of the high public profile of the case.

OneRingRules 1 3,741

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