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ocf_emoticons/angry Preview Great suggestion Announcement

Is it time to have another think about the operations of the CSA

Alessandro 5 953
Preview UK CSA has been abolished. Sleepy 2 2,412
ocf_emoticons/angry Preview CSA - A timely review

Is it time to have another think about the operations of the CSA

Secretary SPCA 21 7,198
Preview Letter to the Minister
Sleepy 34 12,403
Preview Joe (Chase Them To The Grave) Hockey confus… seriously 1 773
Preview "Fixed Assessment" applied for ease of admi… ghosta 11 1,434
ocf_emoticons/sick Preview FACT sheet Self Employed Persons

There is discussion on raising a FACT sheet, for giving some guidance to self employed persons involved in the Child Support system

Secretary SPCA 28 16,249
Preview Change of Assessment Report

So what are they going to do about it?

Fairgo 9 9,008
ocf_emoticons/rolleyes Preview CSA COA review underway

An experienced Project Manager has been appointed to flesh out a formal project around the COA process, the 30 page form, the reasons, the issues , what works and what doesn't and to make a wide range of findings into the process.

Secretary SPCA 93 39,107
Preview CS Interest Rates - Should we follow suit MikeT 4 1,767
ocf_emoticons/blush Preview Child Support Compliance Paper views sought

Overseas reseach around compliance activities has been on default and the possible reasons for default, as opposed to examining compliance and what factors led non-custodial parents to pay support consistently.

Secretary SPCA 1 423
ocf_emoticons/kiss Preview Minister responds to costs incurred by parents

Response to a Petitioner letter of 11 June 2009 about a petition relating to the Child Support Scheme (the Scheme)

Secretary SPCA 4 1,904
Preview What if Target collections were based on?

The agency very much appears to be driven by what it collects, the greater the amount collected the better the job it is doing. This I believe drives the hierarchy within the CSA to set performance targets based upon what can be collected. However my what

MikeT 15 3,744
ocf_emoticons/kiss Preview Salary Sacrificed Super New Reporting

Changes to income for the 2010 income year mean there are new reporting requirements for Super. Salary sacrifice super will now be shown on earnings cetificates and as such become available to CSA.

dad58 4 3,309
Preview CSA not listing to all the evidence

17yr old child working fulltime as sub-contractor

KazScorpio 3 951
ocf_emoticons/blush Preview CSA Redesign feedback - Child Support Estim…

The CSA is seeking feedback on the child support estimator

Secretary SPCA 1 1,151
Preview Patrick Parkinson Supports Big Government C$A

So-called child support expert, Patrick Parkinson, claims British ministers have had a 'nervous breakdown in moving to reduced government involvement with British CSA

matrix 4 2,419
Preview Welfare Card

Being kept very quiet

Artemis 6 1,235
ocf_emoticons/rolleyes Preview Minister for Families, Housing, Community S…

Jenny Macklin heads up the large and important area of Familes, Housing, Community Services and Indigenous affairs (FaCSIA)

Secretary SPCA 1 1,206
ocf_emoticons/rolleyes Preview Minister for Human Services Senator the Hon…

Senator Joe Ludwig is in the key portfolios CSA (Child Support Agency) and Centrelink. Both of which are key agencies involved in the new Child Support Legislation

Secretary SPCA 1 1,584
Preview CSA Policy - Integrated with Other Governme…

The issue of seeing a more complete picture that just CSA policy. How does it fit in the BIG picture?

Jon Pearson 11 2,170
Preview Topic #8487 (no title) System 0 136 N/A
Preview Topic #8557 (no title) System 0 209 N/A
Preview Topic #8725 (no title) System 0 165 N/A

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