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Nurturing and Protecting our Children

Parenting advice  sharing your knowledge and experience in caring for, nurturing and protecting your children. How to address health problems, diet, exercise, sports, discipline, entertainment and engaging in play.  Coping with sibling rivalries, what developmental milestones to expect and age appropriate activities for children. Birthdays, Mothers Day, Fathers Day and other special days;  making the most of precious time with your children. Being strong and assertive for your child and you; requiring equal treatment by authorities in the face of active discrimination against single parents at schools, medical centres and welfare agencies. Everyone is different; every parent shares a uniquely personal relationship with their children. Encourage each other to share your personal stories of love and relating with your child.
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Preview My daughter is 2 and loves the website(try… tyrondjuf 1 7,521
Preview Nurturing children - What does the research…


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Preview Genetic attribute testing; good or bad for… Poll MikeT 1 6,126
Preview Of Interest - Parents warned against giving… MikeT 1 3,092
Preview Upsetting Children ukelele 5 4,218
ocf_emoticons/thumbs Preview Parents and children rom4child 5 4,917
ocf_emoticons/sad Preview Child welfare, witches and blood Closed

Moral outrage accompanied by calls from the federal Opposition for a government inqury is yet another example of what is a depressingly familiar ritual to those of us who have worked in the field of children's services.

isy 4 4,540
Preview Techno junk separates teens from parents, s…

Technology can come between healthy parent-child relationships.

matrix 2 3,542
Preview Children are safer with their natural families

Research has found that children living with biological parents are between 20 and 33 times safer than those living in any other type of household.

dad4life 1 2,820
Preview 10 things you must tell your teenage girl

What do teenage girls need to know to navigate those difficult years?

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Preview Mum's behavior impacts father's child reari…

Research has repeatedly found that kids who have fathers who are engaged in their lives do better. Shapee-Sullivan found fathers with critical partners were less likely to report spending a lot of time with their children.

dad4life 10 6,967
Preview The Incontrovertible Facts About Fathers

Active fathers are absolutely essential in preventing behavioral problems with boys and psychological problems in girls.

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Preview Shared Parenting - You and Your Child - Kee…

Separation often means you have to parent one-to-one for the first time, sometimes at a distance. This can be a challenge!

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Preview Dads DO matter: Why children brought up by… Hot topic

Father's love good for children / Children with active fathers 'less likely' to be disturbed

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ocf_emoticons/thumbs Preview Author Karla Lee - Some sensible books for…

Divorce is difficult enough for adults, but it's even harder for their children, according to Sydney author Karla Lee.

OneRingRules 3 5,198
Preview Share Parenting / Custody Considerations

In deciding custodial and residential arrangements you (and the court) must consider these factors.

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Preview Co-Parenting Ideas

Here are some ideas to help ensure that your child can continue to know the love and care of both parents.

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Preview Kids making visitation hell Jadzia 13 8,224
Preview APS: Parenting After Separation - Effects o…

A position statement from The Australian Psychological Society and focuses on the negative impacts on children of parental conflict

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Preview Useful tips for Web Cams

No substitute for actual contact - but they have their place

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Preview Making Shared Custody Work dad4life 3 5,785

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