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Discussions covering the Coalition of Fathers on going campaign mounted in New Zealand to change the Family Law Act.

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ocf_emoticons/dry Preview One woman's Family Court struggle: 'It woul…

Family Law issues are the most difficult to resolve in legal practice

DrJohn 1 104
ocf_emoticons/sad Preview Children left 'in limbo' by Family Court sy…

An 8-year-old Auckland boy caught in the middle of a fight between his parents, will wait about two years before the Family Court reaches a decision on his case.

Secretary SPCA 1 135
ocf_emoticons/confused Preview Man who died after setting himself alight h…

The man who died after setting himself on fire outside Parliament is understood to have come to Wellington recently to protest against his treatment by the Family Court.

Secretary SPCA 1 110
ocf_emoticons/blink Preview Do our relationship property sharing laws n…

The Law Commission is reviewing 40-year-old laws governing how property is divided when relationships break up.

Secretary SPCA 1 259
ocf_emoticons/dry Preview Dad who foots all the bills forced to pay e…

A Wellington man is being forced to pay child support - despite already covering daily expenses for his children who live under his roof.

Secretary SPCA 1 296
ocf_emoticons/blink Preview Maori land shares in divorce settlement

Do Maori land shares form part of asset pool for division during settlement during a divorce?

jmurray 2 526
ocf_emoticons/dry Preview Millionaire parents try to recoup home depo…

Parents loaning money to children - Experts say such "bank of mum and dad" disputes are becoming increasingly common.

DrJohn 1 278
ocf_emoticons/sad Preview Domestic Violence scourge in New Zealand

A range of articles from the NZ Herald

DrJohn 1 350
ocf_emoticons/constipated Preview Child snatcher finds no shortage of work

Private eye specialises in recovering children at centre of custody disputes

Secretary SPCA 2 1,203
ocf_emoticons/cheeky Preview Introducing the New Zealand Justice Forum

The New Zealand Justice Forum aims to pool the collective experiences of our citizens, lawyers, and academics in order to discuss the many defects that weaken the integrity of the New Zealand justice system, Kiwis who have a word to say, or evidence to sh

Beefhooked 1 3,748
ocf_emoticons/blush Preview NZ Family Court fees come into effect today

It will now cost $220 to get a parenting order, $700 for a relationship property application and more than $900 for a relationship property hearing.

Secretary SPCA 1 2,195
ocf_emoticons/dry Preview Dad vows to fight Starship slur and still n…

A stay-at-home dad accused of assaulting his baby daughter has been acquitted, again raising concerns about the way staff at Starship hospital's child protection unit investigate suspected abuse.

Secretary SPCA 1 1,656
Preview Fathers are just as capable Closed

According to Relationships Australia

Fairgo 7 3,157
ocf_emoticons/dry Preview Taxman drove loving dad to death

The family of a man who died under a mountain of debt are outraged at the way he was pursued for child support payments.

Secretary SPCA 3 2,969
ocf_emoticons/depressed Preview Adjoining parties to a matter

Is the New Zealand family court system similar to Australia wherein DOCS workers can be party to proceedings in that court?

Guest 1 6,106
ocf_emoticons/whistle Preview NZ Govt announces full review of Family Court

The government announced today that a full review of the court would be undertaken. The role of the state in family disputes will be considered during a review of the Family Court.

Secretary SPCA 1 2,585
ocf_emoticons/whistle Preview NZ Govt seeks submissions on new Child Supp…

Revenue Minister Peter Dunne today launched a discussion document proposing a series of options including changing how child support is calculated to make the scheme fairer.

Secretary SPCA 2 5,006
ocf_emoticons/dry Preview Non-parents claiming child support

Revenue Minister Peter Dunne today confirmed that the Government is committed to tightening up on people other than parents claiming child support for children who have left the family home.

Secretary SPCA 1 2,818
ocf_emoticons/blush Preview Child Support shakeup in NZ

Revenue Minister Peter Dunne yesterday released a discussion document, Supporting Children, outlining wide-ranging proposals to overhaul the system under which child support is administered and seeking to make it easier and fairer for parents.

Secretary SPCA 1 2,613
ocf_emoticons/blush Preview Children in court 'brutalised'

A further shakeup of the criminal justice system is likely. Under such a system, a judge would be involved in collecting and determining the facts of the case, rather than the traditional adversarial system which requires cross-examination of victims.

Secretary SPCA 1 2,979
ocf_emoticons/cry Preview Domestic Violence system in NZ is fatally f…

The system run in NZ is fatally flawed as it assumes only a Battered Partner situation ( 4%) can exist and is therefore destructive to families where this is not the case. 96% of situational violence incidents do not lead to further abuse, and the opinion

Secretary SPCA 1 2,933
ocf_emoticons/constipated Preview FBI on trail of New Zealand woman

The FBI is on the hunt for a New Zealand woman who's believed to be in the country after allegedly kidnapping her daughter from the United States

Secretary SPCA 1 2,698
ocf_emoticons/cheeky Preview (NZ) Extra Ordinary Dads Campaign

The extra ordinary Dads campaign celebrates fathers and the important role they play in their childrens lives

Secretary SPCA 1 3,112
ocf_emoticons/devil Preview Fathers' protest in the streets of Palmerst…

Five placard-waving people protested against the Family Court's systems outside the Palmerston North court house.

Secretary SPCA 1 3,466
ocf_emoticons/confused Preview Dire News for future DADS - NZ

Secondary schoolboys will be handed leaflets warning them theyll be prejudiced against in any fight for the children they havent yet fathered.

Secretary SPCA 1 3,444
ocf_emoticons/confused Preview Father threatens to take his own life

A frustrated father threatens to kill himself over a bitter custody battle- says he is the victim of false allegations

Secretary SPCA 1 3,479
ocf_emoticons/blink Preview Peter Boshier Principal Judge of the NZ Fam…

The Court deals with protection orders after there's been domestic violence say and decides custody matters, but the Court has been criticised over the years vehemently for the length of time it takes to make decisions, and it is especially criticised by

Secretary SPCA 1 3,592
ocf_emoticons/dry Preview Boys education lag linked to divorce

New Zealand boys are further behind girls in the classroom than in any other developed country, and the head of a Christchurch boys' school blames marital splits.

Secretary SPCA 2 4,013
Preview (NZ) Changes to Family Court purport to pro…

Govt. claims new rules, contained in the Family Courts Matters Act, will increase the openness of the Family Court.

matrix 3 4,382
ocf_emoticons/devil Preview Dumped mistress sues for share of assets

The test case has brought warnings to married men and women deeply involved with another partner that they could be liable for claims for up to 50% of their property by their lovers if their relationship ends.

Secretary SPCA 19 11,296
Preview (NZ) Ex attacks over possum custody, police…

Over recent months we've noticed a small increase in the number of male victims reporting to us that they have been the victims of domestic violence.

dad4life 2 4,699
Preview (NZ) Former partner's lies put man in jail…

A woman who helped send her former partner to prison for 10 months after lying in court has escaped with 50 hours community service.

matrix 1 3,623
ocf_emoticons/cool Preview Discussion Group for McKenzie friends

I have been asked to form a private discussion group for those people who are acting as McKenzie friends, Lay assistants, or otherwise helping people through the Family Court process.

Secretary SPCA 1 4,027
ocf_emoticons/drool Preview Fathers in New Zealand

A call to visit the Ration Shed

Secretary SPCA 1 4,785
ocf_emoticons/angry Preview Parents ordered to change girl's Talula Doe…

What some dumb parents do!

Secretary SPCA 3 4,141
Preview Judges ready to jail parents / Jail possibl… 4mydaughter 1 5,076
Preview (NZ) Fathers would be granted paternity tes…

Under new legislation proposed to Parliament, fathers may be given the right to request DNA tests for children where paternity is in doubt. This would give fathers the right to a paternity test without the mother's permission.

dad4life 8 6,847
Preview FLA 1975 relating to NZ Maintenance obligat… monteverdi 3 5,146
Preview (AUS-NZ) High Court quashes Family Court or…

The Court ruled that the father's access order, granted in New Zealand in 2000, gave no right of veto over his son's removal from New Zealand

dad4life 1 4,970
Preview (NZ) UNFairness in the Family Court

The bias against fathers continues. There needs to be more equality for those fathers who truly want to be involved and are doing all they can to be good and loving parents.

dad4life 2 4,012

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