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VOIP users

Discussions around all aspects of VOIP specifically related to the FLWG - SPCA VOIP system
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ocf_emoticons/confused Preview Unable to delete VOIP messages

Messages are not deleting from the envelope

Secretary SPCA 1 277
ocf_emoticons/cheeky Preview Multiple SPA 942 Phones

Multiple Phones can be linked on the same network as extensions

OneRingRules 3 593
ocf_emoticons/dry Preview Red Light does not illuminate

Red Light does not illuminate on Linksys 941 when Voice mail left.

Secretary SPCA 7 577
ocf_emoticons/wub Preview Welcome Richard

VOIP Server administrator and IT expert joins FLWG group and affiliates

OneRingRules 6 494
ocf_emoticons/whistle Preview VOIP configuration changes

Server side configuration changes made tonight

OneRingRules 1 271
ocf_emoticons/dry Preview VOIP Status

Updates on VOIP (Voice over IP)

OneRingRules 36 2,580

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