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Report site Bugs and Technical issues

Post details and report any bugs or technical issues relating to use on the site. Try and provide as much detail as possible.
Title Starter Posts Views Last post Toggle selection
Preview Can't post a reply to multiple questions justice 2 443
Preview Regular words changing into characters SammiSez 3 587
ocf_emoticons/devil Preview Site Hackers and Spammers

General note about recent site activity

OneRingRules 6 798
Preview No "reply" button Chlova 4 2,383
Preview Heartbleed - list of affected sites triple_beam 1 542
ocf_emoticons/confused Preview Major Site Outage Secretary SPCA 1 383
Preview Amending - Editing a Post after posting wabbit 18 5,082
Preview Email Dates are Incorrect Agog 16 5,588
Preview Seem to be blocked out password wont allow… masonicjudicial 3 6,358
Preview Cant Amend & cant reply to my own posts Chlova 3 3,400
Preview srl site kalimnadancer 2 3,560
ocf_emoticons/devil Preview Sorry I wasted my time

Spent an hour trying to explain something that i thought needed help but got edited for using the word a***e,& it wasn't even in swear word context. So everything I wrote was immediately erased,

blackiemac 2 2,265
Preview Search playing up faith 1 2,574
Preview Can't edit? Jadzia 3 3,246
Preview Having permission issues Calista 2 2,990
Preview Bug on Points rankings Agog 4 4,066
Preview Error on last submit time Agog 1 2,874
Preview Error Message Most Times I Log on to Post danytink 17 8,664
Preview Spurious Charecter when cutting and pasting… Agog 4 4,743
ocf_emoticons/constipated Preview Last visit date/time

Issues around virtual forum "posts since last visit" are zero

MikeT 11 7,224
Preview My access is limited Guest 1 271
ocf_emoticons/guitar Preview SAFARI

Apple's browser now available for PCs

Agog 11 9,070
Preview FLRA -- About Us - page corrupted by JAG. Closed

I lost the graohic from the "About Us" page.

FLRA-Treasurer 5 4,981
Preview Error adding graphic to library Closed

System appears to have failed to add graphic titled "Anne Bressington Header Graphic"

Director 1 3,730
ocf_emoticons/drool Preview Identifying the Author of a post during reply

A nice to have enhancement

oneadadc 3 4,425
ocf_emoticons/cry Preview Mozilla OK Explorer NOT Closed

Having problems with view in Internet Explorer

RobDuff 2 4,129
ocf_emoticons/shake Preview On line - twice

Cookie issues

Agog 4 5,200
ocf_emoticons/depressed Preview Copyright Symbol

A numeric 3 appeasr as the Copyright symbol

Agog 5 5,587
ocf_emoticons/shake Preview Site Dictionary - Spell Checker

Dictionary errors with WYSIWYG editor on

Secretary SPCA 4 7,155
ocf_emoticons/guitar Preview Strange Behaviour Closed

Safari is giving me some issues

Agog 3 5,168
ocf_emoticons/cry Preview Cant Register Closed

A Non registered prospective member having some problems

Guest 7 6,697
ocf_emoticons/dry Preview Yahoo again has blocked mail

Spam engines blocking bonafide mail is a problem

Viking 3 5,131
ocf_emoticons/cry Preview Third Time Lucky

WYSIWYG On - Dificulty posting with advanced editor mode

Agog 8 6,980
ocf_emoticons/nod Preview Communities - CRC - copyright bar.

** Could NOT enter details BELOW.

FLRA-Treasurer 5 6,102
ocf_emoticons/angry Preview Firefox

Firefox seesm to do things much better

Agog 3 5,020
ocf_emoticons/cry Preview Forum REPLY button missing & editing previo… Closed

The button "Reply" is missing from the forum and I could not edit a post

oneadadc 4 5,886
ocf_emoticons/constipated Preview Difficulties using post sytem

Try as I might having difficulty with posts

D4E 6 6,641
ocf_emoticons/cry Preview Deleting Posts Closed

A member asking about deleting posts

D4E 4 4,493
ocf_emoticons/ninja2 Preview Responding to a whisper Closed

Problems with In line Posts both Whisper and Personal Topics from Forum

Conan 7 5,840
ocf_emoticons/cry Preview Email Issues and Spam Filters Closed

Covers a range of comments made about spam filters

OneRingRules 2 4,094

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