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Recommend site enhancements

Use this forum to recommend any enhancements by section or detail any new interesting ideas to further enhance the site usability.
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ocf_emoticons/lol Preview Increased upload limits MikeT 9 5,377
ocf_emoticons/cheeky Preview Tapatalk released for forum management acro…

Tapatalk is primarily designed to provide improved forum access for mobile platforms from different forum sites.

OneRingRules 1 596
ocf_emoticons/blink Preview Topics with Unread Posts Poll

Is there the ability to highlight or flag threads that have unread posts ?

Willfred 6 766
ocf_emoticons/wub Preview Welcome to the the upgraded Family Law Webg…

News and Information about the site upgrade

Dev_MikeT 1 548
Preview Why can't I reply in 'my' topic? interested 12 9,369
ocf_emoticons/confused Preview Replying to own posts issue!

I note that you can't reply to your own post. All you can do is edit your own post. So if want to provide an update to a previous post and no one has replied to your post in between times, then all you can do is edit your previous post.

GoodDad 22 16,372
ocf_emoticons/blush Preview Site Review

A site review is underway to determine what may be added and or modified

OneRingRules 1 2,183
ocf_emoticons/depressed Preview Where am I ?

How do I find out what forum a topic is posted into from virtual forums

Agog 12 7,499
ocf_emoticons/whistle Preview Automated Glossary Lookup/Expansion

What would make life for many far easier for many, would be if glossary terms could be automatically expanded or linked to.

MikeT 11 8,970
ocf_emoticons/blink Preview NEW SITE AREA NEEDED?

Do we need a "venting" area?

Agog 5 6,008
ocf_emoticons/cheeky Preview Very Nifty New Feature

I like the changing photographs on the three columns on the home page.

Agog 2 4,125
ocf_emoticons/drool Preview Link between News items and forum discusion

New feature

oneadadc 5 5,350
ocf_emoticons/depressed Preview Editor section - uploads

Library upload facility enhancement

PartTimeParent 1 3,987
ocf_emoticons/upsidedown Preview Calendar - Show events as tips

Additional tool tips needed

PartTimeParent 1 3,894
ocf_emoticons/cool Preview From Microsoft

Sites Readability Enhanced

Agog 3 4,633
Preview A Help Icon Needed?

For New Registrations

Agog 4 5,030
ocf_emoticons/wink Preview Forum "Real Estate"

Realestate "Screen Space" is at a premium. Perhaps some things can be moved

DrJohn 2 4,688
ocf_emoticons/cry Preview Forum enhancements required

The forums are hard to navigate for new users who find them daunting as there is so much in them !

DrJohn 3 4,484
ocf_emoticons/cheeky Preview The Calander

Calander enhancements made

oneadadc 6 6,056
ocf_emoticons/rockon Preview Flag on Posts in Forums

The inability to flag individual posts for follow up later on via some sort of follow up list

Agog 3 6,870
ocf_emoticons/blush Preview Contact Us

Lost my password and and "How easy is this ! to get a password reset"

Agog 10 7,670
ocf_emoticons/grin Preview Colour Highlighting?

Should we colour up the new posts until read

Agog 4 5,437
ocf_emoticons/cry Preview How do I find it Closed

Member post difficult to find

Agog 2 5,531
ocf_emoticons/blink Preview Porting Old SPCA Site across to FLWG

Additional material needed

Director 3 4,951
ocf_emoticons/thumbs Preview Font and Screen layouts - Look and Feel

Discuss the changes currently going on in relation to site reskin, technicals and graphics designs.

OneRingRules 1 4,450
Preview FORUM - Posting location comments Agog 5 6,604

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