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Known Issues

Advisories of any known site issues
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ocf_emoticons/dry Preview Site Stats error message on user account

Error on database

OneRingRules 1 728
ocf_emoticons/cry Preview Major outage this week

We suffered a catastrophic event that caused a six day outage

OneRingRules 1 432
ocf_emoticons/cry Preview Site outages - memory errors

The site has had a number of intermittent errors and outages in recent weeks that should now be resolved.

OneRingRules 1 460
ocf_emoticons/dry Preview ISP major outage today

There has been an extensive outage today

OneRingRules 1 493
ocf_emoticons/cry Preview Email not being delivered Closed

emails sent to any of our familylawwebguide email addresses are not being delivered.

OneRingRules 2 440
ocf_emoticons/cheeky Preview Ste rellocation completed Closed

The FLWG infrastructure has been moved to a local Australian ISP and is performing extremly well on a new platform

OneRingRules 1 373
ocf_emoticons/confused Preview Site Outages will be on going for a day or two Closed

Site outages due to server upgrades

OneRingRules 2 564
ocf_emoticons/cry Preview Spammers and Denial of Service attacks Closed

Over the last month we have had to implement significant changes to core code, our fail-safe backup system and as well auto banning a number of IP address.

OneRingRules 1 393
ocf_emoticons/cry Preview Extensive IP address bans today due to spam… Closed

Site security measures have been working overtime

OneRingRules 1 391
ocf_emoticons/wub Preview Site catastrophic outage Closed

Making changes to back end PhP code had a major impact.

OneRingRules 2 510
Preview Editing glitch? SammiSez 3 518
Preview Annoying Count Down jacklantern 7 730
ocf_emoticons/shake Preview Forum Outage Closed

Issue around posting to Forums

Secretary SPCA 3 2,716
ocf_emoticons/cry Preview Major site outage Closed Secretary SPCA 1 828
ocf_emoticons/rolleyes Preview Site Outage Closed

Complete site outage for five hours

Secretary SPCA 1 462
ocf_emoticons/devil Preview Proposed Site Outage Closed

Upgrade and maintenace

OneRingRules 2 7,326
ocf_emoticons/cry Preview Site Outage Closed

Descriotion of site outage overnight

OneRingRules 1 7,284
ocf_emoticons/cry Preview Site Outage Closed

Short site outage for maintenace

OneRingRules 1 6,958
Preview Privacy breach & misuse of username jbmj007 1 3,828
ocf_emoticons/cry Preview CS Advanced Calculator offline

There is an issue running with the Advanced Child Support calculator

OneRingRules 2 3,472
ocf_emoticons/cry Preview Site Speed Closed

The site is running slowly

OneRingRules 3 3,977
Preview CSA Forum Permissions OneRingRules 2 5,575
ocf_emoticons/dry Preview Tagging System failure

An error occurs when a tag request is made in forums

OneRingRules 4 4,331
ocf_emoticons/blink Preview Brain malfunction and Delete malfunction on…

The delete button is not working

BriarRose 3 4,521
ocf_emoticons/blush Preview Is that me ? Closed

The site stats report multiple personalities logged on and indicates I am already here.

D4E 8 6,567
ocf_emoticons/hand Preview Forum Permissions errors

Currently we have a site issue running relating to Forum permissions

OneRingRules 2 4,419
ocf_emoticons/angry Preview PhP errors on site

Site user counts exceeded

OneRingRules 4 4,903
ocf_emoticons/angry Preview Site Outage Closed

Short site outage

OneRingRules 1 4,504
ocf_emoticons/constipated Preview FireFox error in versions 2 and 3 and Safari Closed

We have been alerted to an issue with Firefox versions 2 and 3 and Safari in relation to saving pdf files

OneRingRules 6 6,798
ocf_emoticons/blink Preview Site Joining Issues Closed

Trying to join the site as a new member returns a critical error message

OneRingRules 1 4,175
ocf_emoticons/cry Preview Web Mail outage Closed

Mail server web mail outage due to power failure at secondary data center

OneRingRules 2 4,654
ocf_emoticons/cry Preview Error on editing an existing post - Resolved Closed

An error is currently being investigated in respect to editing existing posts and news

OneRingRules 2 4,543
ocf_emoticons/shake Preview Apple's Safari Closed

Works well but having some editor issues

OneRingRules 16 9,350
ocf_emoticons/thumbs Preview Site upgrade planned for this weekend 15th… Closed

A major site upgrade is planned for this wekeend.

OneRingRules 1 4,359
ocf_emoticons/blush Preview Site Maintenace Closed

Site service packs are being applied Friday the 7th March between 8:00am and 9:30am

OneRingRules 1 4,185
ocf_emoticons/dry Preview Firefox Problems Closed

No WYSIWYG editing on current build of Firefox (2.0.11) - the same problem as Safari!

Agog 4 5,041
ocf_emoticons/blush Preview Validation rules on Preview Closed

Relates to problems with some validations on posts

OneRingRules 2 4,510
ocf_emoticons/drool Preview Mail routing Closed

Server mail issues

OneRingRules 1 4,097
Preview Request for an extra level of info re forum… dad4life 2 4,653
ocf_emoticons/cheeky Preview Multiple news posts in Community Closed

Bug on SPCA and Community entry page with News Summary duplicated found by site moderator dad4life

OneRingRules 2 4,473

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