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Information and discussion on issues and matters that are not part of other forums.
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Preview Contributions to Property jim.newbold 5 321
ocf_emoticons/blink Preview Property settlement - Mortgage payments

defaulting mortgage

crimea10 3 548


Bgarland 5 744
ocf_emoticons/sad Preview property partition hell coming ??

my ex wife in house, i pay mortgage, i want to sell , what do i do,?

crimea10 11 673
Preview Getting Remarried Namaste 9 3,847
Preview Ex partner using married name to an other p… Stephane 2 790
Preview dispute resolution process criteria ? fotsyfots 19 3,065
Preview Appeal hiccups fotsyfots 7 1,414
Preview Opinion Queston 3 SWAMBO 5 709
Preview Opinion Question 2 SWAMBO 9 1,000
Preview Opinion Question 1 (Trial) SWAMBO 19 1,472
ocf_emoticons/cry Preview Basic Time Line required Closed

SRL in need Hurlstone Park area Sydney

Secretary SPCA 2 564
Preview ICL's court costs

question regarding ICL costs required to be requested after frivolous reagitated application that breached specific court orders was wholly unsuccessful by other party also legal aid funded.

anonymoususername 1 463
ocf_emoticons/blink Preview What percentage of my assets am I likely to…

Separating after four years what percentage of assets will I have to give up

dan123 7 1,309
Preview Urgently need Help! McKenzie Friend 2 953
Preview lawyers & legal industry are worthless?

where is the missing link

Isabelchat 3 863
ocf_emoticons/dry Preview Maintenance money !!

How much "maintenance money" am I supposed to give her?

marlonbrando 8 995
ocf_emoticons/smile Preview prof Richard Chisholm gone from family court


Isabelchat 4 1,391
ocf_emoticons/cry Preview Same old questions - Cant see child

What can I do next?

Guest 23 8,341
Preview Appeal

help with my apeal to judgement in family law hearing

Frederick 4 677
Preview witnesses

not allowed to question her in court

Isabelchat 6 1,472
Preview Father granted sole parental responsibility SammiSez 1 451
Preview what age is old enough to make a decission


jiujitsuman 4 1,240
ocf_emoticons/blink Preview Help/Info re Being Served Documents where t…

Recipient's name not legally recognised by BD&M in NSW, but has had name changed legally in another state

Tulip 4 934
ocf_emoticons/devil Preview Why no Parental Alienation

No PA in South Australia says Case Worker

Guest 13 3,780
Preview Skoolbag app triple_beam 1 1,047
Preview icl

general knowledge

Guest 12 2,703
Preview Passport for child when other parent is bei… DSnME 13 3,736
Preview Celebration day sharonserene 5 1,512
Preview Underpaid

Being paid as apprentice when not one

Natalia 5 1,492
Preview Dad wants kids to come to see him on bus, m…

Two boys 12 and 15 years, 4 hour Premier Stateliner bus trip.

Mandy123 3 1,103
ocf_emoticons/thumbs Preview Thankyou kalimnadancer 1 575
Preview New Judge

Nearing final hearing and a new Judge has arrived

kalimnadancer 3 1,030
Preview Need answer to a question about privacy and… Alessandro 1 713
Preview Joe Hockey and the FLC Sleepy 3 862
Preview Child's wishes

Reasonable excuse for contravention

Guest 9 3,247
Preview Hi! Thomas Jacusy 2 1,098
Preview Told unable to see child, again NEEDSHELP 2 1,308
Preview Do people expect Silver Service for Nothing? Conan 10 2,682
ocf_emoticons/hand Preview False accusations / shut out / court costs Hot topic

Contact ceased on accusations supported by Dept Child Protection

Partnership 8 1,545

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