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Mediation and Family Relationship Centres (FRC's)

Discussion about mediation, mediation in general and the Family Relationship Centres

Family Law in Australia

The forums in this category are devoted to discussing family law matters and the situation relating to family law legislation in various courts and relationship centres around Australia. Some groups may have specific organisational security and membership may not be open in all forums within this category. Some forums will be by invitation and some by subscription only where authentication is required and additional member securities and privileges are in place

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Policies - Family Relationship Centres

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Preview Scared of mediation Samsmith 2 25
Preview Guidance on attending mediation

A couple of questions on the best way to approach mediation sessions

RLR1981 3 118
Preview Mediation again - is it really worth it? Boots 16 834
ocf_emoticons/dry Preview Parenting Plans - legally binding or not?

Couple were advised that because the document was signed by a lawyer, the document was legally binding

Boots 7 459
Preview Child-inclusive mediation for a complex sit… ish 3 310
Preview QUT sets up service for families waiting mo… SammiSez 1 350
ocf_emoticons/sad Preview Mediation agreements and Court

Have my first court day in May in the Federal Circuit Court. Tried mediation and agreed on some things but in the end couldn't agree. I'd like to keep the agreements we made going.

jacklantern 4 410
Preview How long should you allow for mediation?

Or is it a case of how long is a piece of string?

Boots 7 1,550
Preview Mediation in different centres booberrypink 1 429
Preview FRC guidelines on Shared Care macerg 4 3,299
Preview Child in focus session

Five months later

Boots 8 3,884
Preview Law Advice

My spouse, and I are going through a legal separation.. I was wondering, are we able to still file income taxes together?

Allandonald12 2 1,831
Preview Divorce Allandonald12 4 837
Preview MEDIATION: Family Relationship Centre vs. l…

Needing opinions

jpb 1 1,474
Preview Mediation awaits
Sleepy 28 6,377
Preview can we get some sort of visitation

between mediation and going to court ?

KidsFirst 10 4,132
ocf_emoticons/dry Preview Refusing Mediation

Trying to get other parent to agree. We have been requesting that the other party agree to take part in Mediation however she keeps refusing to even reply to our correspondence. She was instructed earlier this year during a convention case that she should

debraesq 8 8,295
Preview If/When mediation fails...? Hot topic
mum_of_boys 40 4,716
ocf_emoticons/depressed Preview FRC experience

I have recently come through the FRC process and would like to share with you my experience.

monteverdi 17 9,430
ocf_emoticons/nerd Preview Family Dispute Resolution – What's in a nam…

Paul Lewis explores the various forms of family dispute resolution, what makes a FDR practitioner and how lawyers fit in with the process.

Secretary SPCA 3 12,081
Preview Advice wanted for FRC mediation ish 5 4,830
Preview Reasons for certificate ds80 3 3,438
Preview Certificate ? gran1956 4 3,326
Preview FRC seems biased dexerina 2 2,744
ocf_emoticons/dry Preview FRCs useless

The FRC System and about FRC's - Family Relationship Centres

noog 4 3,600
Preview My hopes for Mediation bite the dust Tulip 7 4,313
Preview FRC am I wasting my time?
smo2510 26 16,416
Preview Family Relationship Centre - Acceptable tim…

How long between mediation sessions is acceptable ?

pillar2post 17 9,429
ocf_emoticons/cry Preview Registered Mediator Means Nothing for FRC

What is the point of being a mediator if the FRC's do not make referals

donga 5 7,577
Preview Topic #2355 (no title) MikeT 2 4,093
ocf_emoticons/blush Preview Mediation Certificates & Court

How will the Federal Magistrates deal with an intransient party

oneadadc 28 18,936
Preview FRC - Short and Sweet govite 7 5,650
Preview Family Court building bridges with the comm…

Community members from the Horn of Africa region have participated in a two-way education program with the Family Court of Australia, aimed at making Australian family law more accessible

4mydaughter 1 3,748
ocf_emoticons/constipated Preview Strange comments from Mediator at FRC Hot topic

equal and shared parenting time does not work, according to mediator

Isys 9 6,077
Preview FRC - Do not offer a Child Inclusive servic… DACC 7 5,772
Preview FRC Carringbah Brad 2 6,550
Preview Mediation - I Cannot Represent Myself Hot topic


nobody 21 13,893
ocf_emoticons/puppyeyes Preview My FRC Mediation Experience GoodDad 11 6,352
Preview 60 Minutes: Separation & FRCs

These transcripts about Family Relationship Centres (FRCs) were broadcast on 60 Minutes on Sunday 11 November 2007.

dad4life 5 5,094
ocf_emoticons/cry Preview Have a certificate, where to from here?

Have tried the compulsory dispute resolution process and have a certificate from them saying that the mediator thought it not appropriate for mediation to take place

ringo 3 4,242

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