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Announcements, information, news and discussion about public broadcasts, podcasts, publications, etc. related to family breakdown, family law, post separation shared parenting, child support and related issues and matters.
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Preview End of privacy? Civil and divorce law review SWAMBO 4 1,251
Preview Article from Lawyers Weekly about cuts in L…

Some light reading about the cuts to Legal Aid funding

FionaF 1 441
ocf_emoticons/wub Preview A Call for responses to study into the post…

We are conducting a study into how Australian men adapt to life after divorce in cases where children were both present and not present in the relationship when it ended. Swinburne student undertaking a Professional Doctorate in Psychology

Secretary SPCA 2 5,244
Preview DOTA - Book: Chaos at the Crossroads - Tues… Closed

'Chaos At The Crossroads' tells the story of the long struggle for family law reform in Australia.

Dads On The Air 1 11,138
Preview DOTA - Class Action Against Family Violence… Closed

Increasingly governments are permitting the misuse of illegal Domestic Violence laws to separate parents from their children and property.

Dads On The Air 1 5,297
Preview DOTA - Jailed for Trying to be a Dad - Tues… Closed

Part 1 of 2 part interview with a father who has been jailed for such dangerous crimes as sending a birthday card to his daughter and for daring to watch his son play school sport.

Dads On The Air 1 4,422
Preview DOTA - Lobbying for Logic - Tues 9 March 20… Closed

Lobbyists continue to educate legislators about the negative effects of children forced to live with only one parent.

Dads On The Air 1 3,910
Preview DOTA - Parental Alienation - Tues 2 March 2… Closed

Parental Alienation is a disorder that arises primarily in the context of divorce/separation and/or child-custody disputes.

Dads On The Air 1 4,011
Preview DOTA - A Helpline for Men - Tues 23 Feb 201… Closed

We speak with Andrew King of MensLine Australia, who explains in detail the services provided.

Dads On The Air 1 4,151
Preview DOTA - Sharing the Care - Tues 9 Feb 2010 -… Closed

Dads on the Air Tuesday 9th February 2010 2GLF 89.3FM and online

Dads On The Air 1 4,255
Preview DOTA: International Men's Day Special - Tue… Closed

IMD is about addressing the challenges and problems that men face; improving gender relations between men and women; promoting gender equality; highlighting positive male role models particularly everyday working class men who are living decent ...

Dads On The Air 1 4,089
Preview DOTA: Empowering Gender Equality - Tues 18… Closed

The term "shared parenting responsibility" (aka "joint legal custody") is meaningless and does not presumptively guarantee children the right to live and spend time with both parents after separation.

Dads On The Air 1 2,532
Preview DOTA: Full Frontal Feminism - Tues 11 Augus… Closed

Extreme feminist dogma is deliberately producing myths and false statistics painting a very negative picture of the boys, men and fathers.

Dads On The Air 1 1,592
Preview DOTA: The Canadian Special - Tues 4 August… Closed

This week we look at the struggle for family law reform in Canada, the home of some of the world's most extreme anti-male anti-father legislation.

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Preview DOTA: The Mandarins and the Masses - Tues 2… Closed

The government is conducting three separate inquiries into family law, inappropriately linking the inquiries with DV. None consults the views of fathers or the general public.

Dads On The Air 1 1,442
Preview DOTA: Democracy at Work - Tues 21 July 200… Closed

This week looks at being a father, a NZ bank, that thinks it's OK to denigrate men, and men's health.

Dads On The Air 1 2,149
Preview DOTA: Healthy Men Healthy Families Healthy… Closed

Men's health is sadly neglected in Australia and men perform poorly on almost every health indicator.

Dads On The Air 1 2,143
Preview DOTA: Shared Parenting - Why it Works - Tue… Closed

Moves are afoot to wind back the modest 2006 reforms on shared parenting legislation.

Dads On The Air 1 2,124
Preview DOTA: The Barbara Biggs Show - Tues 30 June… Closed

Many are concerned about the anti-male tone which permeates Ms Biggs' work and the hatred displayed in her campaigning.

Dads On The Air 1 1,960
Preview DOTA: Dads on the Air now has a channel on… Closed

Nine videos from the recent presentations on "Family Law - Is the Man the Loser?" are now available for viewing

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Preview DOTA: "Family Law: Is The Man The Loser?" -… Closed

Well of course he is!!! Because the only winners in family law are those involved with the administering of family law, which has now ballooned into a multi-billion dollar international industry.

Dads On The Air 1 1,179
Preview DOTA: Fatherhood and Politics - Tues 2 June… Closed

Started as a vehicle for social change, F4J quickly became the high-wire act of protest groups.

Dads On The Air 1 1,127
Preview DOTA: Heaven, Earth, Mankind and Happy Dads… Closed

Separation and divorce are among many factors that have led to more and more fathers not sharing the same home address as their children.

Dads On The Air 1 1,543
Preview DOTA: 'The Rite Journey' - Tues 19 May 2009… Closed

Diana Bryant fails to explain how innocent victims of malicious false allegations and parental alienation (aka extreme alignment) would be protected if the provisions she wants repealed are changed.

Dads On The Air 1 1,129
Preview DOTA: Fathers Under Labor - Tues 12 May 200… Closed

Government is failing Australia's fathers. Issues of concern to dads, include children, health, long and unreasonable work hours, poor pay, family law, child support, etc.

Dads On The Air 1 1,227
Preview DOTA: My Story, Our Stories - Tues 28 Octob…

Maggie Hamilton: "Capturing the public imagination: securing a better future for our men and boys"

Dads On The Air 1 1,746
Preview DOTA: The Dark Side - Tues 21 October 2008…

Ulf Anderson brings us up to date with the way separated fathers are dealt with by the authorities in Sweden.

Dads On The Air 1 1,896
Preview DOTA: Real Dirt - Tues 14 October 2008 2GLF…

Seachange, drugging boys with Ritalin and Alec Baldwin's new book

Dads On The Air 1 2,067
Preview DOTA: Bringing Home the Baby - Tues 23 Sept…

Bringing Home the Baby

Dads On The Air 1 1,814
Preview DOTA: Being Dad in a Broken System - Tues 1…

Being Dad in a broken system.

Dads On The Air 1 2,375
Preview DOTA: Fathering Adventures - Tues 9 Septemb…

Alan Saffron, Darren Lewis & Sue Price

Dads On The Air 1 1,960
Preview DOTA: Father's Day 2008 - Tues 2 September…

Father's Day 2008

Dads On The Air 1 2,059
Preview DOTA: Becoming the Kind Father - Tues 26 Au…

Becoming the kind father.

Dads On The Air 1 3,213
Preview DOTA: Save the Males - Tues 12 August 2008…

Kathleen Parker states the obvious: that the extreme sexism of gender feminism has done a great deal of harm to men, women, children, and society as a whole.

Dads On The Air 1 860
Preview DOTA: Carry Me Home - Tues 5 August 2008 2G…

With Special Guests: Author Dan Box; DOTA's Greg Andresen; Men's Advisory Network's Julian Kreig; Lawrie Moloney talking about family law changes; and Camp Connect's Brad Mander.

Dads On The Air 1 991
Preview DOTA: What's Happening to Our Girls - Tues…

Princesses and Porn Stars: What's Happening to Our Girls?

Dads On The Air 1 1,220
Preview DOTA: Getting Organised - Tues 22 July 2008…

Getting organised

Dads On The Air 1 1,038
Preview Relocation after separation

It is usually not in children's interests if a parent moves the children away. American courts have been influenced by his findings.

matrix 1 1,362
Preview DOTA: Fathers 4 Justice at it Again - Tues…

Fathers 4 Justice at it again

Dads On The Air 1 959
Preview New partners: ABC Radio National Life Matte…

US researcher Andrew Cherlin on why fewer live-in partners is better for the children of divorced or separated parents.

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