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M4E - Mothers for Equality

Mothers, this is an area for you to post into with your unique Family Law or other 'Mothering' issues that are not covered in other 'FLWG' forums. Please share with us your experiences and offer suggestions for other women currently facing some of the same challenges that you have faced. Fathers are also VERY welcome in this Forum.
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ocf_emoticons/puppyeyes Preview Different house, different rules and standards

How do you define and reinforce your boundaries. How do you explain the different rules and standards?

Artemis 34 33,513
Preview What happens if my ex takes children inters… simone1010 5 9,216
Preview theres gotta ba a better way... samsmum 11 11,344
Preview This one has me scratching my head

Helping women in the workforce

Artemis 2 6,109
ocf_emoticons/confused Preview Money Issues

How do you make a smaller ever diminisihing amount of money go further. Rent increases have also exacerbated the financial situation. Besides the obvious one of working more, what are parents doing to make ends meet? Do you have any tips?

monteverdi 28 24,301
ocf_emoticons/wub Preview Welcome Mothers4Equality a new community me…

The Familylawwebguide welcomes Mothers for Equality to its growing list of Community organisations.

Sisyphus 7 8,450
Preview Shared Parental Responsibility Hot topic

How do you deal with the big stuff

Artemis 9 8,813
Preview Topic #2176 (no title)

How far should you have to go?

System 0 4,076 N/A
Preview Topic #8573 (no title) System 0 238 N/A

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