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Living Apart: Separated Family Experiences & Issues

Sharing and discussion of experiences, issues, ideas, information and resources associated with the day-to-day activities of living a separated family life
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Preview Divorce, Irish style - It's not just Australia

Personal stories from men and women about family separation 20 years after divorce was introduced in Ireland.

dad4life 1 1,435
ocf_emoticons/cry Preview Parental Isolation and Sabotage

Please help me cope with parental isolation and sabotage !

bbop 1 1,675
Preview Men and Women - a diffrent perspective ! Babushka 9 12,193
ocf_emoticons/blush Preview Can I take a test to show I'm a good Dad?
Reasonable 26 23,156
ocf_emoticons/cool Preview Westpac CEO debunks lack of equal pay for p…

It shows that the pay gap is caused by the work/life choices of male and female employees, not any mythical male conspiracy to pay women less for the same work.

Secretary SPCA 1 6,655
Preview help.... where do you draw the line? Hot topic motherwolf 14 5,171
Preview Controlling child-father contact Loulou 10 6,819
Preview Separated couples diverge in views of relat…

Separated couples often see their continuing relationship in starkly different ways

matrix 1 2,893
Preview Schools fail kids over divorce

Schools are not doing enough to deal with the reality of divorce, according to new research.

dad4life 2 3,310
Preview Which School, Same City Opposite Sides?

How Have You Handled Which School to Attend?

sd 8 4,693
Preview Blended Bliss: We are Family - The Kids, th…

There can be happy parenting after a long marriage break-up - so long as we revisit our notion of family and put the child first.

dad4life 1 3,205
Preview Visitation interference meinnsw 2 2,731
Preview Stepmothers in Distress

Stepmothering is often harder than stepfathering.

dad4life 1 3,373
Preview Ten ways divorced parents can make the holi…

During the holiday season, divorce can add a new level of chaos as many family members want to spend time with the children.

dad4life 1 4,374
Preview Dealing with schools

Fathers can use anti-discrimination legislation to insist on being treated the same as any other parent

livy 9 5,645
ocf_emoticons/whistle Preview Single parents and child support study

Participants are sought for a Deakin University research study. This study will explore the social, health and financial impact of single-parents receiving or not receiving child support. It will involve completing a questionnaire every six months and a f

OneRingRules 1 3,572
Preview Mothers and fathers
cooldad 37 21,518
ocf_emoticons/drool Preview Cooking ideas for Dads on their own

This Topic should cover ideas for dads on their won who want fast, inexpensive and alternate ideas for getting meals together.

imadad 18 9,741
Preview Breaking up online: "Resolution Online" Hot topic

Resolution Online: Mediation Online | Family Relationships - Resolution Online impartially assists couples that are separating

dad4life 11 6,336
Preview Suddenly Separated Website

Julie Singleton discusses everything from how to cope with separation to how to the children.

dad4life 6 7,374
Preview Separated Dads Information & Resources

Help and advice for separated fathers - being away from or separated from your children

dad4life 1 4,695
ocf_emoticons/sad Preview My story and how I got here! Hot topic

My son is the weapon of choice for my ex!

Vernichtung 55 28,791
ocf_emoticons/dry Preview Shared parenting - being fair

How to be fair when times are trying. I appreciate having somewhere where I can discuss these issues with people that understand. Father not seeing the boys

Guest 6 5,204
Preview Overnight Stay Hot topic bugsiboy 75 41,099
ocf_emoticons/sad Preview How can I get the boys' father to have more…

Since finding a new partner my ex has progessively moved away emotionally and demographically

squiddy3 8 5,571
ocf_emoticons/shake Preview What do I do?

Mental and Verbal Abuse

Tash 10 6,054
ocf_emoticons/sad Preview What can we do?

My partner and I are lost and need help

Guest 3 4,296
Preview Lack of sleep and obvious stress ! The reme… Jon Pearson 5 4,997
ocf_emoticons/sad Preview Name issues

Discussion about the various issues around name of a child

bursyboy 5 5,952
Preview Topic #8571 (no title) System 0 234 N/A

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