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This is the forum where you ask questions and get replies you may not like or even expect !
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Preview Another Rant from Peter Andrew Nolan PeterNolan 5 1,250
Preview Our 2 Year old's childcare worker moves int…

Surely, there should be a law against it, at least while my daughter still attends the centre

SALCAR 7 856
Preview Strange Family Reporter - Does this seem ri… faith 5 3,046
Preview Education is prepaid Calista 15 5,864
Preview Payee not working - getting free ride whatbus 4 3,161
Preview Driving Me Crazy Hot topic Conan 9 1,084
Preview Why is it so for dads but not for mums? faith 6 3,191
Preview SRL at final hearing with IVO's faith 1 1,297
ocf_emoticons/devil Preview Why should I pay any child support?

New partners being made financially responsible for step children by the government. Because I decided to have a relationship with this lovely lady the Government expects me to financially support her whilst she cares for her children due to not having th

Jon Pearson 20 3,168
Preview Constitutional challenge Secretary SPCA 1 1,823
Preview The first and ONLY video recording of crime… Closed PeterNolan 7 11,691
Preview 12 yr old wants a choice in time spent with… Tulip 3 1,239
ocf_emoticons/angry Preview Underage and pregnant Guest 3 747
Preview Relationship and AVO Question

Relationship Matter

unsure 5 1,057
Preview Paying parents and credit checks Seabreeze3 4 972
Preview Consent Orders - parts added after signing

also conflict of interest

faith 3 1,138
Preview When a Financial Agreement is not a Financi… donga 8 979
ocf_emoticons/whistle Preview The Singling out affair MikeT 3 885
ocf_emoticons/angry Preview conspiracy/corruption/crime/paranoia

I recall one moderator on this site saying to one poster that conspiracy theories belong only in the humourous posts and venting forums. This article may have bene published by a biased Moderator.

Guest 7 710
ocf_emoticons/guitar Preview Some Philopsophical Thoughts and Questions

Re: Some Philopsophical Thoughts and Questions

Dads_R_Tops 9 1,334
Preview Child Support: A Question of Ethics Poll

I need some honest feedback about my situation

tedw 7 1,097
Preview Book: "Men and Feminism" (Shira Tarrant) /…

Feminism is not about equality, but about advantage and benefit for females at the expense of males.

matrix 1 1,317
Preview Bale-Sutch and Bale-Sutch a little interest… faith 5 536
Preview Re: Gordon Wood/Caroline Bryne Murder Trial 4mydaughter 7 977
Preview Site for blokes with a crazy ex

border personality disorder

Guest 1 744
ocf_emoticons/cry Preview Axe to grind Chris 2 499
ocf_emoticons/devil Preview The problem with privilege

Should people in Government organisations be able to censor, threaten , ignore, deny expression in others? Do you think this happens in Beyondblue, and every other organizations - that there are people actively abusing people like this - just because they

Jon Pearson 24 3,554
Preview CSA changes

Changes for the good and changes for the better

Artemis 5 692
ocf_emoticons/blush Preview Tie up the CSA with paperwork

What if we started and investment company for payers where they paid their child support into a month early and then the company paid it to the ex when due. Whilst the funds are held for a month they could generate more funds that could be used to help pa

nxus 33 4,168
Preview Book: If Men Have All the Power, How Come W…

Radical thoughts for men who want more fairness from women.

dad4life 28 2,983
Preview The curious case of Country C

How has such a deeply racist country fooled the UN for so long? A very good question, except that X and Y represent chromosomes, not races.

matrix 1 379
Preview The Baby Bonus

or is it just my sour grapes

Artemis 23 3,694
Preview Is this reasonable? Jadzia 6 1,582
ocf_emoticons/puppyeyes Preview Family Law Complaint

Difficulty with the hearing process

Frustrated 6 1,045
Preview Cuckoos' Eggs Hot topic dad4life 9 2,566
Preview Topic #4148 (no title) System 0 3,381 N/A
Preview Topic #6316 (no title)

Seems anyone can get an intervention order nowadays

System 0 155 N/A

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